4 1/2ish months.

11:26 AM

    So this is Charlotte's 4-month update.  Technically she's slightly older than that right now but who's counting?  I'm finally getting around to these and so they can be checked off of the to-do list of random items floating around in my brain, which is the most annoying kind of to-do list there is.  Anybody else have those?  Moving on.
   I had this darling little pink outfit given to me for Charlotte by her great-aunt Dorcas, and I love it.  Unfortunately, the size just happened to coincide with our rainy, cold weather, so I've barely been able to wear it.   But then I finally figured out the other day that if I added enough layers, it was still wearable!  So I started out taking pictures with her looking like this:

   And then the sun came out and warmed things up and I didn't feel so bad shedding a few of her layers, but then later realized that she was pretty cold, and felt a little guilty. :(  But all is well, we snuggled her up in a blanket afterwards and she drifted right off to sleep and we got the pictures and made the memories, so it was worth it. :)   My poor girlies have to put up with a lot.

   Charlotte Lydia.  My littlest one.  My big personality.  My sweet-as-sugar one.  My vocal one.  My handful, at times. Especially when you poop all over and I change you and bathe you and just when you're all powdery, lotion-y fresh you poop all over your clothes again.  What would we do without you?   You keep life interesting.  You keep me from getting lazy. 
       Your face is a canvas and your expressions its many colors and different art forms, changing and surprising me almost daily.  You are grabbing your toys more purposefully now, and really REALLY enjoy quality time with mama.  Being held, being talked to, being carried, rocked and sang to...you are a social one and crave my attentions.  Sometimes you suck on your middle two fingers and I think that's pretty adorable.  And sometimes while you're nursing you cover your eyes with your hand, and I also think that's adorable.  But then, you're just fairly adorable in general. 

       I think I can say now that you are genuinely scared of your big sister. And I can't say that I blame you, what with all the squishing and the occasional biting.  But please don't worry your pretty little head about her, mama will protect you.  And I promise, it won't always be this way.  One day, hopefully soon, you two will be the best of friends and go on all sorts of adventures together.  At least, Mama really hopes so.

     Charli, Charli, Charli.  I didn't know eyes could be so blue before you.  So much more than a color, they tell a story.  Whenever I look into them, I wonder how such crystal, sapphire hues could ever come from my own womb, and my own two mud-colored eyes.  That is when I'm reminded that you are your Daddy's little girl.   I think of him the 253 (give or take a few) times a day that I look into your eyes.  They also remind me that you are your very own person.  Not totally Randy, not totally me, but someone God created for a unique and special purpose, that no one else on earth could ever quite fulfill.  Set your baby blues on that, tiny one, and don't ever lose sight of it. 

   My mother's intuition tells me you will be our mover and shaker.  Big sister came into this world so laid back, so meek and mild, Mommy wondered at times if she was alright.  Not so with you, my little firecracker!  You came into this world strong.  You held your head up high, even from the start, and you have opinions.  And I have a feeling you will face your fears head on with a boldness others may envy and you will go very, very far.

   People will follow you, little one, because you will know who you are and where you're going and that is a rare quality in this confused, bewildered world.  And so my prayer for you is that you will choose to follow the One and only One who will never lead you astray. 

With all my love,

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  1. Awww, Shelley, this post makes me happy. A) I've been hoping you'd post more pics of Charlotte soon since I hardly ever see her (a shame for which I take full blame) and B) she is wearing the outfit from me and I feel so honored!
    What a beautiful baby she is and what a blessed mom you are.


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