DIY baby wipes.

10:07 PM

I am nearly counting down the days. 

   We've been saving up for a new computer (eek!) and as this one has been giving me FITS lately (downright fits, people) I haven't felt much like editing and uploading photos, or doing any blogging of any kind, really.  But boy oh boy is it gonna be a whole new world when we get that lovely little number in our office.  At least that's what I'm telling myself. 

   Oh, and for those of you that think garage sales aren't worth the work?  Well it's true, they are a lot of work.  But our nifty little garage sale this summer will be paying for like, 1/3 of the computer.  Isn't that awesome?  I thought so.  So, go through your closets, drawers, cupboards, whole house really, and you never know what might all come out of it.  Personally, I'd love to do one every year.  I thrive on getting rid of stuff.  But I may be a bit strange in that respect.

   And now, these photos won't be winning any photography contests or finding their way all over Pinterest any time soon, but that's not really the point anyway, so......

   I just wanted to show you how ridiculously EASY it is to make your own baby wipes!  And I'm guessing most of you already know/do this anyway, and I'm the last one to jump on this A-train.  But lemme tell you, it will certainly not be the last time!  I had no idea how fast, easy, and CHEAP this is.  And I'm guessing you will have all of these things on hand anyway.  And we ALL know the best projects are projects that you don't have to buy anything for.  Cheers.

SO.  What you will need is:
A roll of paper towels.
A knife.
  A coffee can, Rubbermaid container, jar, or some sort of container with a lid that will hold 1/2 roll of paper towels. 
Baby oil.
Baby wash.

   And somewhere my mom is probably laughing right now, because she always made these wipes growing up, and I probably (knowing me) gave her a hard time for it.  I mean, how much can they possibly cost, like .4 cents a piece?  But the truth is, when you're buying groceries and household items, every little bit counts.  And when I ran out the other day, it was SO nice to be able to make them, and not have to make an emergency wipes run into town.  Anyways.

Cut the paper towel roll in half.

   Mix one tablespoon of baby oil with one tablespoon of baby wash, or soap shavings, or an alternative like I used with the Pure Almond Castile Soap.  Add to one cup of water and pour over 1/2 roll in your selected container.  Let soak for 10 minutes, flip over for another 10 minutes, and then removed the cardboard from the center of the roll and the wipes will pull right up out of the center.  Slice a hole in the lid, and you're ready to go! 

P.S.  I by no means made up this recipe. I followed one off of Pinterest amongst many others that you can find over here.  There are even better recipes with more healthy ingredients like coconut oil, and you could also substitute olive oil for the baby oil.  Just do whatever works for you!  I just was so surprised how fast and easy they truly were, and so far, they've held up pretty well for me.  Oh, and you can use any sort of container, the coffee one is rather ugly but it was the perfect size and handy, so...I'm not gonna discriminate. 

That's all for now, folks. 

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  1. Or...if you don't want to cut the roll in half double the recipe and stick the whole thing in a one gallon water pitcher! It works for me :)

  2. what kind of computer are you getting? we just got a new hp and a much bigger monitor. I am pretty smitten with the monitor! a fast computer makes any job easier!

  3. I don't remember you giving me a hard time, so it must not have been bad. (It pays to use a good quality paper towel, and not the cheapest.) Mom

  4. Yeah for a new computer. Also curious as to what kind you are getting?!

    1. Janene and Tessy, we are planning to get a Mac desktop. We have had the best experiences with all of our Mac products and the WORST experiences imaginable with my Dell and Toshiba laptops. So we are quickly becoming Mac-believers.:)


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