Sooooo....we bought a house.

10:42 PM

   So the big news over here in our little lives is that we bought a HOUSE.  Yes indeedy it's true.  And I am very excited and thrilled and all of that and other good stuff, but to be honest I am completely pooped/exhausted/drained/worn out and plenty of other superlatives right now, and so I just don't have it in me to talk about it all. 

Why am I so tired?

   We have been painting.  Painting, painting, and painting some more.  Painting until it has come out of our ears and then some.  Painting over lots and lots and lots of oak trim, which I'm sure breaks some of your hearts and makes other hearts sing.  But I like white so.............

   Anyways.  It's all pretty awesome.  Mom and Grandma are here helping and they are rockstars.  I am tired and need to go to bed. Oh and here's a picture. 

That's all for now.

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  1. I could shed a few tears for you right now - both of happiness, and of overwhelmingness (is that a word?). My two girls were 8 months and 2 years when we bought our cottage, and we worked every spare minute for months [my husband worked full-time on it for three months]. It. Was. Exhausting. Throwing kids into the mix is a whole new part of it... Boy, do I feel for you. I'm SO glad you are having help with the painting. That is huge right there! xo

  2. Yeah, so exciting. When we moved into our house three years ago we painted all but one room.In other words we painted 11 rooms plus a big hallway. It was exhausting, but it is so much nicer painting before there is furniture in the house! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


  3. yay!! buying a house is SO much fun AND so much work thrown all into one! Over the last 5 years we have bought and sold 3 houses. :)

  4. yay! cannot WAIT to see indoor pictures!!! i love that so much.

  5. Congrats! So happy for you guys! Painting and moving is exhausting, I helped my sister just do that in September. Hang in there!! -Amie Kennel

  6. Of course, the woman of the house’s decision shall prevail. :D White is a tricky color, as plain as it may seem. It can be a flop or turn really magnificent with the slightest details added to it. Congrats on the new house!

  7. Congratulations on your new house! It's an early Christmas gift, right? Heheh! I'll be looking forward to seeing your house tour when you finally moved in. I'm excited to see the hues that you'll choose for your rooms. Anyway, take some rest from time to time and then start with your projects once again. :)

    Chad Hovde @ TraditionsRealtyTeam


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