Cowboys and banquets and Christmas, oh my!

2:49 PM

   Last night we celebrated Christmas a little early with a banquet for the youth/Yanks (Young Adults No Kids:) from our church.

   After years of attending Christmas banquets with my own youth group and loving each and every one, it was such a change and good experience to be there as a sponsor.  I made SO many good memories over the years with my youth group and I only hope these youth can have the privilege of a similar experience!

   The theme was "Christmas in the country" and so Randy and I called a few friends……….

and borrowed a couple of things to make us feel legit.:)  Tim McGraw's got nothin' on this guy!  Definitely the most handsome cowboy in town.

   Isn't his apron the best?  I thought so too.  And you wanna know the best part?? He said it used to have an oven mitt shaped like a gun that fit in the holster.

   No party is complete without some games!  Cindy started things off with an icebreaker game that got them all mixing and mingling.

   There was also an Air Guitar contest, which was quite entertaining, to say the least.:) 

   Of course we had wayyyyyy more dessert than would have ever been necessary, but that's the hall-mark of a good party too, right?

   It was such a lovely evening and it was worth all the work. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in for all that you did.  It truly was a team effort!  Maybe we'll just have to do it again next year.:)

   In other Christmas-y news…….it's time for Fairview's 24th annual, live animal Christmas pageant!

  Grab your tickets (just kidding, it's free) bring the kids, and arrive early for good seats.  Performances are tonight and Friday starting at 7:00, and Sunday starting at 6:00.  Refreshments are served afterwards too! So obviously you don't want to miss out on those.:)   Hope to see you there!

(Pictures are from last year's pageant by Mark Ylen.)

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  1. I can so see you as an actress! That's so great!
    And what a fun party. I have SUCH great memories of our youth group doing all-out parties and having the time of our lives! :)

    1. Thanks Clarita! Acting is something I've always enjoyed, but just assumed once I was out of school I would never get a chance to do it again! And so it's a lot of fun. Btw, your comments are always SO encouraging! Thanks for speaking life!!

  2. Party looked great, that Joseph really looks and acts like Shane Schwartz.

  3. I tell you, it is crazy weird to see the Yanks and MYF full of people who were teeny tiny children not that long ago!!! I'M supposed to be in MYF! Looks like a really fun party; nice job. :) (Also, is it not called MYF anymore? I'm so out of the loop. It's such a classic name, it's hard to believe it has fallen by the wayside!)

    1. Oh I know, the older I get the "younger" MYF age and high school (and college too, for that matter) get. It is CRAZY. And when I came out here I felt like the only one who used the term MYF. And so I started saying Youth, and now I have no idea what it's called. :)

  4. now i'm hungry for pie!! ;))

    looks like fun. we love working w our youth~
    such a great use of time and way to be invested.

  5. What a fun party!
    I wish I could have seen that play...I wish my whole family could see the play.

    I have a question for you..I am on blogspot too, but can't reply to anyone's comments if I am logged in! Other people can reply, or if I am logged out I can reply. I know I have to install something, but I can't figure it out. It never works for me. How did you get a reply on your blog?

  6. Its really imaging party people have a lot of fun great sign.


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