Florida, Part 2.

3:32 PM

Dear blog, cool your jets.

   It's not a fun feeling to be only 6 days into the fresh new year and already be falling behind.  But we had such a CRAZY December and whirlwind vacation and of course hit the ground running upon returning home, and so I have much to catch up on.  Hopefully once I get through all of the florida trip pictures, things will start to flow a little faster.  So sorry for living in the past until then, but it won't last forever.

   The main reason for our trip was to be with family.  But before my mom's side was all together at Lakewood retreat for Christmas……..

we stayed at Randy's aunt Connie's house, whom also happens to be my mother-in-law's twin.  The girls had a fabulous time, albeit at times confusing.  Jocelyn called her "grandma" most of the time, "Grandma's sissy" other times, and never really did get the hang of "Great-aunt Connie".  Oh well.  And hopefully we didn't spread too much of our sickness while we were there!

 Sweet Aunt Connie, throwing Jocelyn the birthday party that she wouldn't have had otherwise.  Complete with her very own cake!  Which is the cake she has loved more than any other in her short life, by far.

   Then it was time for a few days at Lakewood retreat with the Maust side (my mom's family).  Almost everyone made it and it was a wonderful time, aside from aforementioned sickness and unexpected cold weather which left me piecing together the oddest outfits for the littles because the ONLY things I had packed were the summeriest of summer clothes.  Yes I know, even if you're traveling for the sunny state you should be prepared for colder days.  But if there's one thing I'm most definitely NOT, it's prepared for every circumstance.

 Poor little sick babe….no jacket, no socks…….

 I failed to get a picture of everyone, but I did manage to snap a few!

   Brandon (yes, THIS same Brandon) with his very newly-engaged fiancé! It was so good to get the chance to meet her.

 Kyle and his newlywed Liz, whom it also great to meet!

  Grandma and Grandpa Maust, the whole reason we're all here in the first place.:)

  Uncle Larry and Aunt Cherie, who slaved away behind the scenes to make the whole thing come together.
 Uncle Darrel and Aunt Lynette, who picked us up from the airport and were generous enough to let us borrow their pickup the whole time!  Such a huge blessing.

 The girls with one of their favorite persons on this wild green earth, Uncle Shelby.  He will be so missed around here!!
 Cousin Jeff (grew up in Michigan) and wife Rhonda, who so happens to be from my home town.  Small world! Now they own an awesome coffee shop that if you're at all in the area you NEED to check out.  And even if you're no where near the area, you need to check out their site because how COOL is it that my Dad and Mom, Grandma and Grandpa and sister Sheryl are all on their homepage? Pretty cool, that's what.
 And here's mom with Shannon's youngest Carita, and Lynette with Jeff and Rhonda's Vincent.

 The basketball contest, which my own hubby and cousin Bryan dominated.

 Uncle Shelby again, with Charlotte (which is no big surprise as she basically sought him out every 2 minutes or so and begged to be held) and cousin Justin.  And look! At least she found a jacket!

   The girls were restless and refused to cooperate for this picture, and it's all slightly blurry and out-of-focus, but I simply never tire of multi-generational photos! It's such a treasure and rich feeling of heritage and family.  Here I am with my children, my mom, and my mom's dad, Grandpa Clayton.

 Talent and variety night, which of course was quite entertaining.

   Well I guess this will have to be all for part 2, because the littles are waking up and I didn't get as much accomplished over their nap time as I'd hoped to……oh well!  

Still to come…the wrap-up of Florida, New Year's resolutions and more! 

Tune it next time, until then, over and out.

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  1. I love all of the photos, especially the multi-generational one! Family is such a gift!

  2. You are so pretty! Glad you had a good time with your family!

  3. Looks like a great time with family. I love that you have a talent night like that. How fun!

  4. Hi! I found your blog through Clarita. I love the way you and you kids dress! What is your inspiration, and where do buy the clothes?

    I totally identified with what you were saying about your rental house, btw. We're renting right now, and it is just as you described.

  5. Here is my blog: littlehouseinthehills.blogspot.com


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