Fashion Friday: military jacket.

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   I'm gonna try a little series of sorts on the blog with mixing in a little fashion now and then on Fridays.  We will see if it lasts longer than 3.7 seconds, which is the record for previous series on this blog.  But hey, a girl can try!

   If the season of fall is anything for you like it is for me, every year sometime in September a fresh wind sweeps over you and whispers in your ear to hurry out and Buy. All. The. Things.

   I like to think that I'm not very materialistic, but every year when fall rolls around, there is that slight shift in weather and everyone's back-to-school shopping and fall cleaning, and dragging out boots and scarves and drinking lattes.....and I have no idea really what it is exactly but it just makes me want to S-H-O-P.  And haul my entire wardrobe to Goodwill and start from scratch.

Which of course I don't do.

   I try to be thrifty and frugal and I am known to hold onto things for just about forever.  I still wear items of clothing I've had for over 10 years.  This year we are trying to be a little more mindful of our budget and there are some future trips I'd love to save up for, so fall fashion is taking a back seat.

   But I am thrilled to report that I have found a nifty little trick that is satisfying all of my fall shopping cravings without spending a dime! O.k. so I take that back.  I did spend $11.99.  But it was the best $11.99 I've spent in a loooooong time!

  I spent it on ONE piece, and I feel like I have countless new outfits.  I found this military jacket (or rather, my friend Janene found it for me) at a thrift store and it was love at first sight.  Well, sort of.  It had great color and structure but the collar was COVERED in bling.  Flashy, colorful rhinestone-type gem thingys?  I don't even know what they were exactly, but they were NOT doing it for me.

  After bringing it home and giving it a good "de-blinging" (thankfully they were only attached by a bit of string)  Janene and I proceeded to throw together a few outfits incorporating the jacket, and was I in for a surprise.  It goes with EVERYTHING.  I'm telling you people, you don't need a new fall wardrobe.  You just need one of these and suddenly, everything seems like a new outfit!  

   It honestly started to feel a little ridiculous after a while even "putting together outfits" because I'm pretty sure I could stumble blindly into my closet and grab the items closest to me and they would go with this jacket.  

 You can dress it up, dress it down, add layers or keep it simple, balance it with feminine, formal pieces or keep it all grungy and casual, pattern mix, pair unusual colors and just about make it into anything you want it to be.  The options are endless.

  And it is still pretty warm around here and so I haven't worn it that much yet, but I can only imagine that when the cooler weather rolls around, this is basically going to be my uniform for the following 6 months or so.

What are some of your favorite fall fashion staples?  I'd love to hear! 

pleated poppy

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  1. Shelley, these are adorable! Thanks for posting the inspiration. :)

  2. I just recently started following you on IG and your blog so I'm "introducing" myself so I don't feel so stalkerish. :) I absolutely love the jacket and all the outfits are adorable! I'm looking forward to Fashion Friday's and hope it lasts more than 3.7 seconds cause I love me some fashion. :)

  3. I had been eyeing military jackets ever since last fall, hoping that someday I would find one at a thrift store. That never happened. So earlier this summer when I was browsing LOFT and one caught my eye I did something I never do... I bought it new - and at almost full price. I haven't regretted that purchase even once. I wear it all of the time. It'll be a staple in my closet for many years. I just know it.

    Keep up that fashion posts - they are inspiring!

  4. I'm lovin' all the outfits! Happy Friday!

  5. Oh, I love me some fashion posts! And I will be excited about any future ones as well. :) I don't own one of these military-style jackets, but after reading this, I think I might NEED one. I love the variety of styles you can create with this, from dressy to casual to hipster. So fun! You have such great style. ;)

  6. I have been looking for one of these since last fall! Then I got pregnant so it seemed pointless to keep looking... but now that I no longer have a baby bump I have been SCOURING the internet to find one! Borderline obsessive compulsive. :) Anyway, very cute outfit ideas!


  7. I thick you should post where you shop in your future fashion posts! :) I love a good fashion post! Cute style! :)

  8. just realized i left a comment on the wrong here we go again, this time on the military jacket post: very cute...just might need to get one. :)

  9. ahhh love! you know how i feel about this vest and all things involving military jackets!

  10. love your diff ideas for how to wear the jacket! super cute!!

  11. ohmygoodness! i love what you've put together. you look fantastic. fall is my fav season partly because of the clothes. :) the jackets and boots and layers. i have a navy blazer that i think works with everything right now.

    and something ELSE :) you do that i love is what my daughter and i have been talking about; covering up is so classy.

  12. soo possibly going to cut the sleeves off my military jacket after reading this! Seriously so cute Shelley!


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