Just say no to lipstick.

10:41 PM

I'm here today to give you my top 5 reasons of why a mom shouldn't wear lipstick.

5. Just stop pretending your life is fancy already.  We all know you're just going to Costco.

4.  You know that is going to be all worn off by sloppy toddler kisses by the time your husband comes home from work, right?

3.  It only accentuates the bags under your eyes.

2.  So many color choices, so little time.  O.k. NO time. You're lucky if you get a shower.

   And my #1 TOP REASON WHY A MOM SHOULD NOT WEAR LIPSTICK......well, do I really even have to say?  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

And I've got three of them.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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  1. WOW. Just disbelief and WOW and a few snickers. Jenny says, "Is there any lipstick LEFT??"

  2. wow, that's amazing, I wouldn't have thought you could do all of that with lipstick:) I wonder what is going through their minds when they do this stuff:) glad you got pictures:) what a cutie!

  3. Even some little lipstick shoes!

  4. Shelley, I def feel your pain and frustration!! On Saturday my two girls (7 & 5) got into some roofing oil and had it all over their hands, arms and some on their clothes. :( We have also gone through lotion, vicks, desitin, make-up, lipstick, soap, just to name a few. YOU are not alone. :) Better days ahead! :)
    Valerie Gingerich

  5. Oh my word...wow. Didn't know there was that much in a tube of lipstick!!
    Great post!

  6. Ok I'm assuming that was a costco deodorant-sized tube of lipstick? lol

  7. Wow! Can't be much left after that :) Just last night ( before church) my dear son covered his hands with foam caulk. Embarrassing because I couldn't get it off. At least you got pics of her to show her when she's older :)


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