A royal baby is born.

10:55 AM

Have you heard the news??!  

   The royal baby has been born, and it's a GIRL, and perhaps the best part of all?  They named her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  She is now fourth in line for the crown (ahead of Prince Harry) and will be called, "Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge".  How lovely is that?!  

   Obviously I am quite partial to the name Charlotte, and have always found it to be lovely, elegant, and totally classic.  I also love the homage paid to Diana with her second middle name, and I can't get over how flawless Kate is, mere hours after giving birth.  It's making me seriously rethink the whole "leaving the hospital in yoga pants" thing.  I mean...are those heels???!  She is such a style icon. 

  Of course I am a little worried that this (coupled with Chelsea Clinton's daughter Charlotte) will only serve to cause a steep uptrend in the popularity of the name, and pretty soon every playground will be crawling with Charlottes.  Oh well.  I will happily overlook it because I am just so stinkin' tickled, and there is something just so purely magical about the birth of an actual princess.  

   Watching the videos and news coverage makes me stop and think about the stark contrast of this precious baby's entrance into the world (or her brother George's) and the entrance of our King's, all those years ago.  No Twitter blasts of millions announcing his grand entrance into the world, no motorcade of SUVs with darkened windows to protect his journey back to his homeland, no press and media coverage, and certainly no sterile, clean, pristine hospital environment to assure a safe delivery.  

He was born in an unclean place.
He came after a long, hard journey.
He came in poverty, humility, and anonymity.
A baby boy who would save the world.
The God of all creation.
A King.

   There was no royal "town crier" or extensive media coverage, only lowly shepherds.  Who, in that time, were basically viewed as our society views homeless people today.  Can you grasp the contrast?  It is incredible to think of.

   I am so happy for them, as I have long admired Kate's style and femininity and effortless grace, and it will be a sheer delight to watch them raise a real, live princess.  Can you imagine the little outfits??!  This will be way too much fun.  :)

What do you think about the royal baby name? I'd love to hear.

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  1. i will never be able to have a charlotte now without the idea that it was after the little princess. haha. ;) seriously though. so so gorgeous. XO

  2. I like the royal baby name, really. It's perfectly classic + appropriate, although I had to admit if I were Princess Kate, I would be pretty tempted to throw something in there that was at least a little controversial....Charlotte Willow Diana, or some such thing. ;) I wonder if they have to have the names pass some of royal code or be approved by the queen...

    As much as a fairy tale story as Kate has, I'd choose my quiet, un-noticed life any day. ;)

  3. I love the name too...elegant & beautiful! And even if this does cause a spike in little girls named Charlotte, at least yours will be several years older than them & people will see that she came first ;) -sherri

  4. i love the name. charlotte is one of my favs~
    a friend of mine has a charlotte and they call her charlie for short.
    i think that's the cutest.
    and the tribute to diane. so cool. i'm glad they did that.
    i always followed the royal family growing up..
    even subscribed to these "royal magazines" etc.
    it's funny now living in canada since they're part of the commonwealth and the
    royal family is a huge deal here. ~
    i'm still a fan. maybe not as much as i was as a teen. but still.. they're fascinating.

  5. I do love her name and the royal family but seriously the thought of heels that soon makes me groan (and I haven't even every had a baby! :))


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