The Hourglass

10:55 PM

Was just looking back through old photos and it brought back such a rush of sweet memories...

All of the youth girls all fancied up at Floyd & Elaine's, eating a fabulous Italian dinner and then laughing and sharing and having a wonderful time....

Boarding a cruise ship with some of the best ladies in the world for the time of our lives in the Bahamas. Formal dining, sight seeing, late-night karaoke, sharing each other's clothes and enjoying our bachelorette parties...can we go back now?

4.11.2009. The day I married my love. I so quickly forget how magical that day really felt, until I look at the pictures and it takes me right back. I know now that everything did NOT go completely perfect, but thanks to some doting family and friends, I was blissfully unaware of any of the fiascos until after the honeymoon.:) And that is a rare privilege every bride should get. I will never, ever forget that day...still sort of feels like a dream.

Were does time go? I look at these pictures, and it feels like a million years ago, and 3 seconds ago, all at the same time. In a very miniscule way, it makes me feel like I can actually understand what "time" will feel like in Heaven. 1,000 years will be as a day, and a day will be as 1,000 years. Maybe that's just what happens to time when you're with the ones that you love. And since we'll be with our True Love in Heaven, maybe therein lies the secret. Time won't really change, but our perspective will. We'll stop trying to stuff it into minutes and hours and box it in by little calendar squares, and we'll just let loose and ENJOY ourselves and praise our King, and before we know it, 10,000 years will have gone by.

Can't wait! But until I see Him, I'm enjoying every minute of life down here on earth. If only I would not take it for granted as it slips right through my fingers....

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  1. Hey there, Shell. I love your posts. I just indulged in the last 3 or so, because I have not been very diligent about checking. :/ Oh, wow, I can't wait to sit down with you when you come. I'm gonna start praying that the time is somehow supernaturally lengthened upon your arrival, so that we miiiiight be able to have a conversation that doesn't seem to end the minute we start. (Speaking of time...) :)

    LOVE love love you.


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