Scrabble and rap music.

9:49 PM

My feet are aching and I'm so cozy and warm in my bed, so I cannot guarantee how much longer I will stay awake at this laptop writing....but I will try to eke out a semblence of a post quick before I nod off.

Had a lovely evening with my husband last night playing Scrabble...and winning.:) Have had a very busy week so far, and it looks like it will continue to be busy. One really, nice thing about working is that it makes you really appreciate your time at home. I cherish it. Revel in it. Actually enjoy doing laundry. It just changes things when you have to be gone so much, you realize how nice it is to stay home.

When I was helping at the Pregnancy Center, I listened to the messages on the answering machine, and there was one from someone who wanted to be called back. So I called her back and instead of the sound of the phone ringing, I was informed to "Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached" and proceeded to listen to thumping, pulsating, rap music for approximately 17 minutes (at least it felt like it) until the voicemail picked up and the following message played: "Hi, this is ______, I would tell you to leave a voicemail, but that would be pointless seeing as how I never check it, but if it would put a smile on your face, go ahead and leave your name and number and I'll call you back." *Beep* I was unsure of what to say after all that, and am pretty sure I made a complete fool out of myself, because I was too busy wondering at what the life of this poor girl might be life. The person on the other side of the music. Behind the "I don't care" facade was she scared? Was she hurting? Was she alone? Did she ever, even at some brief, fleeting moment of her life, view herself as a precious princess?

Just some thoughts....

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