Potty training 101.

2:57 PM

 This is where we have been spending most of our time these days.

   My baby isn't a baby anymore.  I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or teary these days, seeing her run around in her big-girl panties.  She, on the other hand, is absolutely loving it. 

  I used this technique, which claims to be able to potty train your child in one day.  That's right, ONE DAY.  Sounds great, but does it work?  Well, we tried it on Monday, and trust me, there were lots and lots of accidents.  But there were also a lot of successes, and after all, it was only the first day.  The next day went SO much better, that I even felt confidant enough to go to a friend's birthday party with Jocelyn wearing her underwear.  And there were no accidents.  I was so proud! 

  I am not doing diapers anymore at all, even for naps or night time.  I'm a big believer in the whole "go big or go home" theory.  For night time, I just lay beach towels down instead of sheets, and her crib mattress is water-proof so it's really not much of a problem if and when she has an accident.

   I have yet to see if there is a re-lapse as this is only Wednesday and we started on Monday, but I think it's safe to say that she is definitely getting it. Once she starts going through the night without an accident I will feel like I can say she is fully potty-trained.   I still often suggest going potty or just take her anyway, and she will go.  She doesn't tell me EVERY time.  But she is definitely getting it and has even woken up from a nap dry.

   Monday, the first day, was TOUGH.  Randy had a very worn-out and grouchy wife to come home to, you can just ask him about that one.  But it was ONE DAY.  And you can do anything for one day, right?  Other than that, it has been relatively easy.

   Helpful hints:

  •  Get some fun underwear to get your little girl excited.  And for a boy, I don't know, ones with dinosaurs or tractors on them? Or maybe they don't even care about underwear?  But Jocelyn definitely loves hers. 
  •  Have something handy for them to look at/play with that gets them to stay sitting on the potty longer.  Special toy, your phone, book, etc.
  • Obviously, reward them with a treat when they go.  Jocelyn preferred corn candy.  But after going all day that's a lot of candy and sometimes I tried to sneak a few frozen blueberries in as a "treat". I'm such a lame mom.:)
  •  Don't make them feel like a failure when there's accidents.  Keep it positive!
  • Give them all of your attention.  I had Charlotte on Monday, and Bonnie babysat her for me on Tuesday, and I think that's part of the reason it went SO much better.
  • Celebrate every victory.  
  • Talk about it a LOT.  How babies wear diapers, big girls wear underwear, etc. etc.
   Other than that, it's all pretty elementary.  The link I used has a lot of good suggestions, like feeding them salty snacks and tons of fluids so they go all day and you have lots of opportunities to teach them to go in the potty.  The key to that is setting the timer for every 15 minutes and just taking them, no matter if they think they have to go or not.  And if there's an accident, running from the scene of the accident to the bathroom over and over again to practice.  She said to do 10 times back and forth for each accident, but I was lazy and only did 3.  It was hard because Jocelyn would lose interest and I would have to carry her a lot.  But an older child might think it's fun and run back and forth a lot easier.  

   I would never have started this early if she hadn't shown interest in it all on her own.  Before I ever even THOUGHT about potty-training she was saying "potty" and wanting to wear my underwear and occasionally, even going in the potty.  So she was ready.  You know your child, just feel it out and find a time that seems right, and then go for it.  It's really not as terrible as a lot of people make it out to be.  And if it's a never-ending nightmare, than maybe your child isn't quite ready.   And it's NOT the end of the world if you wait a while longer.  Don't let people pressure you into what you end up doing, just do what you think is right.

  And every day, just pat yourself on the back thinking of all those diapers you are saving your nearest landfill. 

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