Static and sound.

7:32 PM

I was driving along I-5 one day when I tuned the radio to a Christian station and heard....nothing. Absolute silence. Not static, but silence. It was eerie for a moment, and then I was struck with the irony. That was precisely how it had felt talking to God lately. When praying, I felt like I was getting about as much response as someone might have, calling into that station. Silence. No answer.

I left it on the station for a while, enjoying the quiet, and began to talk to God. I wish I could say that in some big, dramatic display, God's voice came booming through the radio waves and I heard an answer to my pleas. But it didn't. It didn't boom, it didn't whisper, it didn't anything. There was nothing. There was silence.

Today, when I was again in a time of desperate need of Him, I opened my Bible and for the first time in my life, read aloud a passage that seemed as if I had written it. It was that personal, that completely dead-on to what I was going through. It was incredible.

So this is just a reminder, dear reader, that God may not speak to us at all, or He may speak to us every day. And maybe the difference between the two is not in Him hearing us or not, as I had assumed, but whether or not we're listening.

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  1. I'm not gonna lie. This post moved me to tears. I think it's so dead-on. Esp. after coming back from a cultural and life-changing experience, short as it may have been, this just seems even more deeply profound. Thanks for using your gift, girl.

  2. These words are like oil on my head...the encouragement of a friend is priceless! Blessings to you dear as you adjust to being back home!


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