Little, loved, things.

4:12 PM

   Yay, I get a chance to blog today!  It is rainy and gray today, good weather for doing laundry, blogging and brewing a nice cup of tea, which is precisely what I'm doing.

   Started out my day attending a ladies' Bible study.  We are doing the Beth Moore study about the tabernacle.  I am excited!  It sounds so interesting, and I am hoping to be stretched and challenged to walk closer and deeper with God.  I need that right now.

   Some women love to work.  Some love to stay at home.  I didn't have a clue which I was until recently.  I am definitely the latter.  Don't get me wrong, I am not naieve.  I KNOW there will be days that I will feel like my brain has turned as mushy as the peas I'm feeding the baby, from lack of intellectual, adult interaction and conversation. I know there will be days that the laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning will seem like a never-ending battle that's hardly worth fighting. I know there will be days that the only thing in the world I want   need is to get OUT of the house.  But for now, it's still what I choose.  There will be lots of work, yes, but there will also be lots of opportunity. Opportunies to serve, create, design, write, and bless.  Maybe after I'm officially a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) I will have the time to let my creativity flow like this wonder-woman......

or this one....

but until then, I will dream and muse and scribble down little goals here and there.  Someday.....someday.

    In other news, I heard a wild, nonsensical rumor that yesterday was the first day of fall.  I very promptly dismissed the notion, as it has been fall for about a month now.  Strange how summer did not arrive until about a month after the rumors of it's first day were floating around....someone's not getting the memo.

In keeping with the randomness of this post, I will post a few pictures of things I am loving right now:

   This slice of pure delight was given to me by my lovely sis-in-law Jessi, for my birthday.  If it's hard to tell in the picture, it's an old window frame with chalkboard paint on it, and a chandelier painted on top of the chalkboard. I'm waiting to hang it until we move, so it's leaning up against the wall for now. I can't wait to use it to write all sorts of things...verses, inspiring quotes, menus, to-do lists...who knows. 
Wintry baby clothes, for a she or he.
Nice warm jacket for me.
Vintage bicycle, purchased at a garage sale for $.50  Can't wait to find a spot for this in the nursery. 

  So what about you?  What are some things you're loving right now?  Dreaming? Aspiring to do/see/be?  I want to hear a little from  you.  I would rather just invite you over for a cup of coffee, but this may have to do.

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  1. love the post. love the pictures. love you. :)

  2. Being a SAHM is the best! I'm sure you will love it...and the baby clothes are adorable! Seeing tiny clothes like that again makes me want a newborn. =)

  3. Girl, you are in the league of creative bloggers! I have a mirror my sister gave me that has been waiting for inspiration. So here I am, spending my afternoon jumping around places I don't know in Bloggyland and I know what to do with it now.
    Can you just put the chalkboard paint on the glass with nothing underneath?


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