Copy cat.

7:24 PM

   I have to admit, I avoid copying people like the plague.  Especially when it comes to fashion.  If I see something in a store that reminds me of someone I know because of their personal style, I will most often skip it in favor of something different.  Don't get me wrong, it's not my life goal to be different than everyone, because that's practically impossible, but it is my goal to strive for a little originality and unique-ness (is that a word?) in my wardrobe.  And I fully realize I have a long way to go, for those of you thinking that my wardrobe sorely lacks any originality.  Sometimes I want to just take everything to Goodwill and start from scratch!  Patience is a virtue...


   Strange though it may be, I've realized something about myself lately that surprised me.  Even with my strong dislike for copying other people, I've discovered that as long as I don't personally know the person I'm copying, it's totally fine.  For example, I am inspired by this girl's fashion sense, and delight in stalking her blog for new ideas.  And while shopping today, it occurred to me that each of the 3 items I bought were inspired by her.

The items I purchased: a denim button-down shirt from American Eagle, a horizontally striped sweater (gray and cream) and striped tank-top (white and navy) from Forever 21 so I can start playing around with some of her outfit ideas.  Pathetic?  Maybe a little.  Guilty?  Nope. :)  She's so stinkin' cute!  And I'm quite sure I will not pull it off like she does, but hey, a girl can try. 

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  1. Love this, Shelley and can relate so much... do you know what annoys me more than copying someone else... is being copied! My mother would always say "copying is a form of flattery." Never understood that. :)

  2. I SO agree!! I very much dislike being copied also. I'm glad someone understands.:)

  3. Well, I won't copy your style then :) but I love that fashion blog. Thanks for mentioning her.

  4. Oh Jessi you've got great style, no need to copy anyone! Now if I can just resist the temptation to copy YOU...:)

  5. Hey Shelly! I have the same problem of wanting to copy Sydney but it makes it hard when I run into her and see her at church! She is so inspiring and adorable and pretty sure she wouldn't share it all thinking that nobody would try the outfits she puts together :)

    thanks for liking my photography! I wish I knew someone in Oregon that is a photographer. I really don't. I do have some cousins that live there so let me ask them if they know of anyone!


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