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11:34 PM

   I never really understood new moms that quit going places, seeing their friends, answering their phone, updating their blogs, a.k.a. fell off the face of the earth.  Well news flash folks, I am officially one of "those moms"!  And it's not even that I never have the time to do those things, I do.  It's just that the precious time I DO have is usually spent sleeping, eating, or snuggling with my baby.  Or Jocelyn.;)  And those things are more important anyway, so it's a win-win situation, right?  It mostly is.  But I do miss writing a little.  So I will try to squeeze it in now and then.  As for the other things, I am slowly but surely emerging out of my house more and more.  And the reason I don't more than I do, is not even because I have a little baby now.  It's because I really don't feel like changing out of my pajamas, which is what my entire wardrobe consists of these days.  

   Jocelyn really has been doing great.  She was fussy some tonight, but I think it may be due to her eye-cold.  I think that's what it is anyway.  Her poor little eye is all goey and crusty and I just feel so bad for her.  But other than that she's been a splendid little dear, and we feel pretty stinkin' lucky to be her parents!

   Invention I am LOVING right now---the baby swing!  Seriously, a Nobel Peace prize should have been awarded to the inventor of this lifesaving device.  That's the only reason I'm posting right now, as a matter of fact.  Otherwise, I would be falling asleep in the rocking chair, trying to get Jocelyn to sleep.  As it is, she is peacefully swinging (and it plays classical music. much less annoying for mommy than little nursery songs) and sleeping.  *delight*  Randy's sleeping too, which means I feel no obligations to anyone, and I can sit here and blog!

   Something I never got around to doing before now was a picture post of the nursery...so here it is!

   I had so much fun preparing this room...I remember putting everything in its place and rubbing my swollen belly and literally aching for this child to come.  I could hardly WAIT to meet the little life growing inside of me!  Sometimes I had the silly notion that I already loved the baby so much, so how could I love it more?  I think each day I love her more.  And now that she's here, it's hard to remember what life was like without her.

   This room is such a special place for me.  It's where all her cute little outfits are.  It's where late-night feedings take place.  It's where I read her Bible stories.  It's where I change her diapers.  It's where I sometimes just stare at her in awe and wonder how I ever became so blessed to become a mommy. 

    Speaking of those late-night feedings, another is creeping closer and I haven't got any sleep yet!  I'll probably pay for this in the morning....

Good night everyone. 

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  1. Hmmm 8 months later and I'm still in my pj's reading your blog lol :) Love the nursery, it is so cute!! Where is the bedding from, I love it!

  2. ADORABLE nursery!!!!!!! OH MY!!! Super cute!

    I might add that... .like Marci I am still in my PJ's and Tristan is eating his breakfast! :)

    I love being a Stay at home mom! LOL!

  3. Love your nursery very cute! Great post as well it brought back all those first mommy feelings. I still am so in awe and sometimes feel like I'm in a dream and living someone elses life. Could I really be a mom of three wonderful blessings? I am getting axious for this third one to arrive. But their's so much to do ahhh! Gotta go :-)-LaDonna

  4. even though at a different place in life, I loved reading your baby journey. So so special.

    and love love love the white against the orange! perfect.

  5. Im always in my pjs any chance i get!!!:) LOVE ur nursery!!!! I spotted my favorite chair!!!!:) good choice!!!:) Btw its ok to "fall off the face of the earth" sometimes!!!:) miss u!!

  6. Marci- Got the bedding as a gift from my wonderful mom-in-law and sis-in-law! It's Migi's Little Tree bedding and you can find it on Amazon. Not sure what stores would carry it. It was so hard to find gender neutral bedding that I actually liked...but I LOVE this!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, they make my day!


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