Much like I was, this post is overdue....

8:08 PM

We are pleased to introduce to you......

   Born Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 9:22 am.   She weighed 7.0 lbs and was 20" long.  There are plenty of pictures on facebook, but I will try to put some on here too.  It's just I have very limited "me-time" these days, and blogging falls into that category, hence the reason it has been quite neglected lately.  Oh well, priorities people!

   She's growing and changing so fast (as you can tell from the first picture to the last) that we can hardly keep up!  The whole experience has been pretty incredible, on so many different levels.  Incredible how painful labor can be, incredible how much you can love a little person you've only "known" for 5 minutes, incredible how tired the human body can feel, incredible how a little smile, whether it's genuine or gas:), can make it all worthwhile.  She's so precious, and we are so, so thankful for her.

   Now for the labor story! (For those who care:)  If you don't, you can just stop reading now.  My water broke around 12:30 am on Monday.  I tried to go back to sleep because I figured I wouldn't have the baby for a long time yet, and I would need my rest, but I was too excited to sleep much. I showered and spent some time online trying to distract myself as I counted contractions.  When I was pretty sure this was the real thing, I woke up Randy and he really helped me deal with the pain.  We labored at home as long as possible, and went into the birth center around 8:30.  The midwife was skeptical that I was far enough along to come in, but when I got there, I was 5 cm dilated, so I got to stay!  Things escalated really quickly, and Jocelyn was born about an hour after arriving at the birth center.  We live about 30 minutes away, so I'm really glad we didn't wait any longer to go in!  Things went really well and we were glad we chose to have her naturally at the center. 

   Well I must run, but I sincerely hope I will be able to update this blog more often than I have been.  We are loving being parents but it sure takes a lot of time and energy!

God is good.

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  1. Aw, what a cute update. Worth the wait (both the post and the baby!) Glad it went well for you, the birth center you went to sounds so familiar to mine. Great places.

  2. I can't believe she was born an HOUR after you got there! That is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PROUD of you! Tristan was an all natural birth and I am going to do it again with this little one!!

    Congrats girl! She is just beautiful!

  3. Congratulations, Shell. I hadn't even heard that you had her and she's, what, over 2 weeks old now. She's beautiful and her dark hair and eyes are just killer. You look fantastic, but no surprise there. Great job. If I ever have children, I'm not sure that I would be able to have a natural birth, but kudos to you for doing it! Congrats again!

  4. She is honestly so gorgeous Shelley!!! i'm so glad she's finally here!
    hugs for you!

  5. Thanks Beka- I really did underestimate the pain of childbirth! Most intense thing there is.

    Emily- Thanks for all the kind words! And if you choose to have children someday, I'm sure they will be beautiful! Plus you will never regret it. Best decision (2nd to marrying Randy...well and becoming a Christian:) I ever made!

    Nomes- Thanks girl, we love her so much.:) Can't wait for you to see her someday!

  6. Sorry, didn't mean to skip you Laura.:) I agree, the birth center is a great place! It's like having a baby at home, except more convenient.:)


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