Little known facts about me.

1:57 PM

   I'm ba-a-ack, posting for Mommy because she's neglecting her blog again.  In her defense, she is busy getting ready for the trip-of-all-trips we're going to take in a couple days, on which I will ride an airplane for the first time ever!  I hope it's not too scary.  Anything that big shouldn't be able to get off the ground, I always like to say, but I should probably get used to it because Mommy likes to travel. 

   At first, I couldn't think of what to post about, but then I realized that you all probably know Mommy pretty well by now, but you don't know much about me! So I thought I'd enlighten you all on a few tidbits about me that some of you may not know:

 #1.  In pictures my eyes look so dark, and people say they're "just like mommy's", but they are actually dark blue, like daddy's!  Well, daddy's are light blue I guess, but close enough.

   I know, I know, they look dark brown.  Mommy even labeled a picture of me "brown-eyed girl" by mistake one time, because they look like it so much in pictures.  Silly Mommy.  But they're honest-to-goodness blue, so that's just a little added benefit to meeting me in person! 

#2.  There are some confusing look-a-likes in my Daddy's family.  In fact, my Uncle Justin looks so much like Daddy that I would get them mixed up, except that daddy talks more.  And Uncle J. smells like strawberries.  O.k. I made that last part up.
Exhibit B: Here I am being held by Grandma Bonnie.

And here she is with Great Aunt Connie.

And here I'm being held again by Grandma. I mean, wait...I'm confused.

#3.  One of my favorite activities these days is grabbing.  I like to grab my toys, Mommy's hair, clothes, blankets...basically anything I can get my hands on. 
  But sometimes I can't quite get it either into my mouth, or just where I want it, and it's just so frustrating not having yet developed the coordination to accomplish my objectives!  Grrr....

   Sometimes I just can't wait to be bigger.  Big enough to eat the food Daddy & Mommy are always eating, big enough to go outside whenever I want, big enough to reach all the way up to Mommy's knees....but I hear Mommy saying all the time, " Baby Joce, don't grow up too fast!"  And so I will try not to.  But like I said, I can't wait. 

  I hope Mommy gets done packing soon so she can play with me.  My favorite things to do with Mommy lately are playing "Pat-a-Cake" and listening to her read books and my Lulla-Bible.  Oh and the Lulla-Bible songs.  I lo-o-ove those too. 

That's all for now, hope you all have a nice day!

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  1. VERY funny! I love when you post, "Jocelyn.";)

  2. This is too sweet!! Hope all your travels suit Jocelyn well!!! I'm sure people told you, but just in case, try to get her suck on something through take-off and landing for her little ears. I wouldn't have had a clue, but I think it helped Haley when we flew! Oh...and give Amanda a HUG for me if you think about it. So sad to miss her wedding. ~Jana

  3. Jocelyn,
    Tell your mom to post again sometime soon! I love hearing what's going on on your side of the country! :)


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