I'm six whole months old!

11:54 AM

    Actually, I'm seven months old tomorrow, but that's the title Mommy told me to use for this post, so that it wouldn't confuse people. It's a little more confusing that way, if you ask me, but these pictures were taken back when I was only six months, so there you have it. 
   Everyone who sees me says I am growing sooooo fast, but I just don't get it.  I can't even crawl yet, and it has taken me six WHOLE months to get just two little teeth.  I am eating some food now, mostly fruits and veggies, but I can't eat Doritos yet like Mommy or drink Diet Pepsi like Daddy, so if you ask me, I am growing pretty slow. 

    Mommy always says we're going to "take pictures" but we never really take anything.  She just dresses me up and puts me on the ground and dances around to make me smile while making a strange clicking sound about a million times with a big black thing sticking right in my face.  It's a little embarrassing, but I have to admit, kinda alot of fun. 
 "Mommy, everybody's looking funny at you."  (and they were!)

    So then I guess a lady thought it was pretty funny the way Mommy was hopping around trying to get me to smile, so she offered to come help.  Mommy clicked away with the black thing while the strange lady waved Giraffey in the air and made silly faces.  She was funny.

    After a while, I started to get pretty bored.  It was starting to get cold out and Mommy still wasn't done.  Sometimes it takes a really, really long time.  I started to feel a little sad and lonely.  And hungry. 
    Mommy saw that I was getting sad, so she brought out Mr. Bear.  I like him alot.  He doesn't seem to mind all my hugs and kisses.

     Mommy doesn't want to put away these sandals because they're one of her favorites, but my piggies are starting to stick out.  Maybe I'll have to hide them so that she'll buy me a new pair that fits better!

    If you want my opinion, in this picture I look like Baby Shrek.  But Mommy did my hair, so don't blame me.

    Finally, we're all done!  Mommy put my jacket on and I went right to sleep in the stroller on the way home.  It was a fun day.  I liked walking down to the river, meeting the nice, funny lady and holding Mr. Bear, but I was very ready to go home. 

   It's nice being seven months old, but I can't wait to crawl!  Sitting in the Bumbo just doesn't cut it anymore, and I am happier just sitting on the floor with toys all around me.  I love to tear my bib off and grab my spoon when Mommy feeds me.  Biting is another favorite thing right now, it feels so good to bite books, paper, plastic bags, Mommy....lots of things I'm not supposed to I guess.  But they're so much more interesting than the teething toys!  Especially Mommy, I always get a fun reaction out of her.  Well, I must be going.  Places to go, people to see, things to bite. 
This is Jocelyn Kate, over and out.

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  1. Addie is sitting with me waving, laughing, and chatting away at you Jocelyn! She loves your pictures! :)

  2. love the comment about looking like baby shreck :)


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