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   My little white iPhone will always hold a special place in my heart, partially just because it's awesome, but mostly because of the way I came to have one.  

   My dear hubsy had one, and I'm not sure how he ever figured out I wanted one (maybe it was the numerous times I was borrowing his, or the way drool ran down the left side of my mouth every time I looked at it....not sure what tipped him off!)  but being the super-intuitive man that he is, knew I wanted one. 

   Anyway, it was just another summer day, not a birthday, not an anniversary, or I may have become suspicious, when he made arrangements for us to go out on a date.  It was a scavenger-hunt date, which in my opinion are probably the best kind.  I opened the first envelope and it said, " This is an adventure I've planned for you, a scavenger hunt yes it's true.  Open the glove box and you will find, Norah Jones to soothe your mind."  Does this man know his stuff or what? 

   Then it was on to clue #2, which led us to Five Guys, the absolute best place around for burgers and cajun fries.  Mmmmm. Next was #3, which said "It's off to a favorite place of yours, there's shopping and people spending money galore, but first check the center console and you will see, just what is waiting there for thee."  And lo and behold, there were some pretty necklaces in the center console.  He picked out the perfect ones too!

   So off we traipsed to the mall and split up to do some shopping.  (This is when he was getting the phone, totally unbeknownst to me.)  Clue #4 said, "It's time for a walk so let's get some fresh air, let's open the trunk...oh my! What do you see? Yes it's true a nice white frisbee.  Now follow your husband for a walk to the park. Let's hurry before we get caught in the dark!"  And so we went to a lovely park and played frisbee to our hearts content.  It was a warm, sunny day and we enjoyed every moment.

   Clue #5 led us to frozen yogurt, clue #6 to the movies, and finally, last but not least I opened a clue that read, "It's shiny, it's white, it's very brand new, open the glove box and see what is waiting for you."  And there it was!  My trusty sidekick, my garage sale navigator, weather forecaster, facebook browser and oh-so-much-more iPhone, sitting there all sleek and shiny, and boy was I shocked.  I had no clue!  Really, this date had been so amazing already, I had no idea there was more in store for me, much less a phone that was nicer than any phone I'd ever had and I'll admit, feel a little guilty about owning. 

  I only got a few pictures from that day because we were too busy running from clue to clue and having a blast. 

   But I will treasure that day in my memory for years to come!   What a thoughtful, romantic gesture!  It's not even just about the phone.  Don't get me wrong, I love my phone.  But what I love more is the fact that he pursued my heart, took me on an adventure, and spent his day having quality time with me.  That is what I will not soon forget.  I hope I don't ever take him for granted!  Single ladies, HOLD OUT for that man that will make all of your dreams come true.  The one who knows just how to speak your love language, and delights in delighting youIt's worth the wait, no matter how long.   

 Babe, thanks so much for making life with you an adventure. I love you.

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  1. Aw, Shell. Thanks for that last boost of encouragement...I think I needed it. ;) SO STOKED TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!

  2. So agree with the last paragraph! This post reminded me of a scavanger hunt Steve did for me. The next to last stop was supper at one of our favorite restaurants. While I was in the restroom after our meal, he slipped out and left a card with our waiter. Inside was a room key for the Hilton!!! He had gone ahead to get it all decked out and light the candles. I know what you mean about not needing the Iphone after all that...but now it will ALSO be a reminder of that really amazing day. :)

  3. This is so encouraging Shelley. Thank you!


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