Monday pick-me-up!

4:52 PM

   If you're needing a laugh today like I was, or if you just want a reason to sit down and be jolly for a while and put the cares of the world away, I've got just the thing for you.  Just put down the Sunday comics and stop watching Youtube videos of little kids all drugged up after the dentist saying silly things.  Head on over to this hilarious blog,  and you will be feeling chipper in no time.

   She absolutely never fails to get a laugh out of me, or at least a smile.  And while the furniture re-do is lovely, that's not what you need to check out.  It is the link she mentions in her post to the Ugly Lamp Contest.  THAT is what you need to check out.  Her captions and descriptions just struck me completely hilarious, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.  I was trying to read and nurse at the same time, which usually works, but not in this case.  I kept shaking with laughter and Jocelyn would look up at me all confused at first, and then get this huge grin as if she knew what was funny and was sharing in our little joke. 

   In any case, if it doesn't even slightly amuse you, please leave me a comment because I want to meet this rare specimen of a human without a shred of a sense of humor.  I tell you, she's funny.  O.k., that's my plug for the day.    

   In other news, summer brings lots of parties, namely birthday ones, and here is a couple we attended:

   Little Anna Lee, daughter of our friends Brandon & Cindy, turned four. 

 Aunt Rita with one of the twins.  I won't try to guess which one. :)

 Hot guy at the party, pretty baby.

Sweet little children.

 Great food! But with Cindy, no one would expect less.

    She had a lot of children willing to help her open her gifts. :)  Here she is opening the pots and pans I gave her.  This girl loves to cook and bake with her mommy, I think it's the sweetest thing!  

    And this party was a surprise one for Alisa Baker!
 Here's Nathan, giving instructions.  He did a great job pulling off the surprise party!

    Travis & Mallory, who very recently got married.  Isn't she glowing? Literally, because a shaft of sun fell just right on her face. :)

 Jocelyn & Liesl and their daddies.
 Amazing food.

The radiant birthday girl!  

    I've been enjoying this summer so far, in spite of the schizo-phrenic weather.  But I've been feeling slightly convicted lately about how much I complain about the weather.  Is that like complaining to God?  So I'll try to cut back on that.  It's just that I think God created me with about 5x the need for Vitamin D than a normal person.  I. Need. Sun.  And not just sun, but hothothot.  I love the summer for these two very things, and we've seen little-to-none of it this year.  *pout* Oh wait, I thought I wasn't going to complain so much.....

Happy Monday!

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