Little blurb.

10:42 PM

   I honestly have no clue what I am going to blog about, but I just can't take the guilt anymore.  The last update keeps staring me in the face as if it's saying, "You're such a lazy blogger.  Your blog is gathering dust worse than the windows you desperately need to wash.  And the car.  And the kitchen floor.  And you KNOW that's bad. Must. Post. An update. Now."  So, here I am.
   There's nothing worse than eating ice cream you don't really like.  I mean, really bad, freezer-burned low-quality fake-tasting ice cream.  All the while you're thinking, "The calories I am consuming on something I don't even like should be in the form of vegetables, NOT ice cream!" But you continue to eat it because it's cold and you're sweating in a little stuffy apartment that doesn't seem to get the memo at night that it's colder outside than it is inside, and it's time to cool down. 
  Jossie's latest adventure today was pooping all over her Grandma.  And I mean all over.  The poor dear.  I guess, poor both dears, because Jossie wouldn't have pooped all over if I had changed her diaper earlier, giving her a nice, dry diaper to poop in.  Instead, her diaper was all soaked, and the poo had no place to go but out. 

   In other news, I canned corn today.  Which is a weird term, because you really don't "can" anything.  We took it off the cob, cooked it, and froze it.  In any case, it feels really good to have that finished.

  I discovered today that Jocelyn is afraid of cats.  Over at my in-laws, they have the sweetest little black kitten, who really is a wonderful pet.  It's all sweet and purring and rub-up-on-your-leg type of friendly, and lets the children do all sorts of annoying things to it without getting rumpled.  Well, I put Joce down and here comes the kitten, and she just starts waving her arms and crying in a desperate sort of way, and so I scooped her up and comforted her, and then put her back down again.  The kitten started to approach again, and Joce started up her wailing.  It was the funniest thing, and there was a part of me that just wanted to do it over and over again to see her reaction, but that would be provoking your daughter to wrath, wouldn't it?    

   I have to go to bed now.  I really can hardly stay up past 10:30 these days without paying for it dearly the next morning.  I don't know if that means I'm old, a mom, or just plain lame, but it's what it is.

   And because I can't hardly allow myself to post without a single picture, here's one just for fun.

 There's just something about a fresh, clean Jocelyn all snuggled up in a towel that breaks my heart a little bit.  Every time.

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  1. you are adorable. as is your babesy.

    and totally bahahaing over the ice cream. calories SHOULD be spent happily! :)


  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! What a great post!!!!

  3. Seriously, adorable!! <3 glad you posted again!!

  4. Floored by three comments on my piddly little "blurb" post. :) Made my day, ladies!


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