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   2012 feels like a year of roaring to me.  Not roaring as in a scream, or shout, or desperate cry, but the full, quiet confidence of a roar.  That presence that a lion carries with it that no other animal can quite seem to match.  Maybe it's because I know it is going to verge on overwhelming, having 2 under 2.  Maybe it's because I know that the choices we have made in the spacing of our children don't fall into the "picture-perfect-American-family" category, but I'm o.k. with that.

I'm tired of status-quo.

I'm tired of just gazing at my dreams from a distance, too afraid to reach out and touch them, for fear I will get burned.

   I feel like this is the year for change.  If not necessarily always visible on the outside, than a change of heart.  A new beginning of courage to persue and achieve.  A fresh start.  A quiet roar.

   There are so many different directions this year could take.  So many different notes it could end on.  But I hope when my life is over, people won't say that I lived, they will say, "She really lived."

   Well, that's it, folks.  I finally did a link-up for the first time from The Gypsy Mama and she has this thing that she calls "Five Minute Friday" and she gives her readers five minutes to write about one word, no editing or second-guessing.  Just five solid minutes of letting your words dance across the keyboard, writing whatever comes out.  I guess I've never really had the courage to try it until now, and was surprised at how much fun it was.  You other bloggers out there should give a try too, you might just surprise yourself at what all spills out through your fingers!

After all, this is a year for roaring....

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  1. Ooh, Shelley, I love this. The word I chose for this year was "present," and this reminds me so much of what I was thinking when I did. A lion's roar indicates its presence, and it's an assertion, too, of confidence and authority. And even if you roar in your heart, I think you make that stand to yourself, determining that this is the year you will be present fearless, just the way a lion is.

  2. *present and fearless - oops!

  3. yes! i feel this too! quiet but strong. loved your space here too :) my two are only 21 months apart so I totally relate...

  4. girl yes that does seem like a lot to take on...two under two...but I am finding more and more people in that situation...two of my closest friends are in that place ...well, their kids have had birthdays so they are now two...but you get the idea...its only for a season. it's hard but it's all can do this. and yes, your family will look back and say "she really lived"

    happy new year!

  5. The first thing that popped into my mind as I read your post was "YES"!!! I'm tired of the status-quo, tired of sitting, soaking... May 2012 be the year of YES's and may we ROAR loudly for him!

  6. I am sooooooooooo feeling that this is a year for change! I have never felt it as strongly as I do now! I am bursting with excitement for 2012! Enjoyed your post!

  7. Loved this! 2012 is a year of change for me too, and I can totally relate to your ROAR! Thanks for sharing! (and linking up - because I came here from thegypsymama)

  8. Hi neighbor!
    One of my daughters told me about a book and I've just started reading it .. It is incredible, "One Thousand Gifts" .. "A Dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are" by Ann Voskamp...."Eucharist, thanksgiving with joy" .. read it and start your own journal of 1000 gifts!
    Happy New Year!


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