Home again, jiggety jig.

9:07 PM

   Actually we've been home since late Saturday night, but I'm finally getting around to blogging. I'm not gonna lie, it's been quite the adjustment going from this.........

To this.

 What's that? A random picture off of Google images from the North Pole?  No actually it's the view from our dining room window.  On March 21st.  I'm having a hard time not being bitter.  I want to be content in whatsoever state I am, because I hear that's the thing we're supposed to do, but I'm sure I have already complained and inwardly (if not outwardly) groaned with ingratitude at this Northwesterly weather enough to have missed that goal.

   Anyway, Florida was Heavenly while it lasted.  For a short, fleeting week I soaked up every ray of sunshine I could. We seized every opportunity we could to go for a bike ride, lounge by the pool, or build a sand castle at the beach. 

    Poor Jocelyn doesn't quite know what to do with herself now that we're home and we don't even venture outside to get the mail, but rather lean out and grab it from our car windows.  And she has a cold.  The cherry on top.

   We also enjoyed seeing family, both on my side and Randy's. 
Aunt Connie and cousins Amanda and Solomon.
   My dad's 1st cousin Sean's family of 7 beautiful, talented children!  Eventually I will post a video of them singing.  Those girls had BEAUTIFUL harmony.

Bidding our sunny skies farewell...:(

But like I said, I'm trying to learn to be content so....quick, 3 nice things about Oregon.   Besides the obvious ones, like Randy, church, family and friends. 
1. The coast.
2. Mo's.
3. No sales tax.

   O.k. that will suffice for now.  Anyway, all in all it was a wonderful trip, memories were made, sunshine was basked in, and I am so grateful for a husband who is selfless and generous and understanding enough to know how much trips like that mean to me, and is perfectly willing to let me take them.  He's a good man, that one. 

   And since we've been back, we've hit the ground running.  This week has been full so far with special meetings at church, basketball, a Dr. appointment, birthday dinner, and a snowed-in day with family. The rest of the week (if the snow doesn't cancel more things) looks like Bible study, grocery shopping, a 2nd Dr. appointment, a wedding and the Gospel Echoes auction.  Oh and the Hunger Games come out. Can't forget that. :) Not sure yet what all we'll make it to or not, we're not superhuman, after all.  But we will do our best.

   In other news, baby #2 has been turning cartwheels lately...not sure if she'll be laid-back like Jocelyn or a little wild and restless like her mama. ;)  Regardless of how she is or isn't like her big sister I am getting excited about having two little ladies in the house!  Childhood is going to be a blast but I find myself dreaming of the day when they're young adults and we can travel and go shopping and just enjoy so many womanly things....as Randy says sometimes (I think with just a touch of fear in his voice) the estrogen will be FLOWING in this house!  I mean, I would have to have 3 more kids and they'd have to all be boys before the men would outnumber the women! But I am fully confident he'll come to love it, and wonder what he EVER did without these three women in his life. :) And who really wants to lead a boring life?  Bring on the drama!!  Ok, maybe not the drama...bring on the adventure! :)  That's more like it.

   Rain or shine, sandy beach or snow drift, I truly live a blessed life.   And I never want to take it for granted.

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