Little Miss' first Tea.

11:41 PM

   My mother-in-law invited me to a mother/daughter tea party tonight. I think I looked forward to it all week long.  It was a wonderful time, filled with fancy dresses, delicious food, yummy tea, decadent chocolate and lovely table decorations.  Of course I had every intention of taking my camera and doing a whole blog post.  Of course I was running late and didn't have time to grab it.

   Jocelyn was a little wiggle-worm most of the evening, which I blamed mostly on the teeth she's pushing through.  (We moms really need to find a reason for when our kids act up, don't we?)  Or maybe it was because she was wearing fancy, uncomfortable clothes.  Or maybe she didn't like the fact that mommy put her hair into a teeny tiny bun, which made her look so very, VERY grown up.  *sniff sniff*  Mom, if you're reading this, she wore the dress you gave her!

   I tried to do my hair like Audrey Hepburn which basically just ended up looking like a sloppy french twist.  I'm not giving up that easily though!  Dash it all Audrey, how do you make it look so effortless?!  
   I so enjoy being Mommy to a little girl.  I am just tickled that for the rest of my life, I will have excuses to play dress up, throw tea parties, braid hair, and listen in on giggles and secrets at slumber parties.  O.k. so maybe if I do that last one, it won't win me any "Best Mom awards" but it would sure be fun.  Oh the shopping trips, the "Girls Nights Out", the vacations....I am just delighted to have the frilly things in life, be a part of my little world forever.  

   But don't get me wrong, I won't stop there.  I can't wait to take her exploring, camping, fishing, biking, swimming, hiking and of course, to football games. I want her to love being outside, and enjoy adventures like building forts, driving four-wheelers, snow skiing and getting dirty occasionally.  I hope she climbs trees and reads lots of books and does anything her little mind sets itself too.  Not just the "girly" things, although they are quite delightful.

Ahh yes, I could get used to this Mother/Daughter thing.  Yes indeed.

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