Easter, babies, and more blogging goodness.

10:09 PM

    When it rains, it pours.  That is true for Northwest weather forecasts, and also events on our calendar.  It seems that we will have calm stretches and then stretches of everything trying to happen at once and competing for a slot in our schedule.

    Randy's birthday was on Easter,  and three days later was our anniversary, so we had a busy week.  Easter was celebrated with a sunrise service at church followed by breakfast and Sunday school.  It was so fun to get all the babies together again for the annual Easter picture, with even more little ones to add this time around!  Time sure flies.  For last year's, Jocelyn could barely hold herself upright, and this time she was kissing and hugging the boys on either side! *sigh*
    Greta (beside me) and I are expecting babies (my 2nd, her 4th) only 1 1/2 months apart, and Jocelyn and Matthias (to Jocelyn's left) are only several days apart! It's so fun to have babies so close in age with friends.  Wade (on the right side of Jocelyn) is only 2 days older! But the whole row is really close in age. 

Photo credit: Erin/Kyle Cox

     Randy was serenaded in Sunday school by a singing telegram, barbershop quartet style.  It was so great.:)  I was planning on recording it and of course forgot. :(  Then we caught the service over at Brownsville and ate dinner with Randy's family.  Here's the two little lady cousins in their Easter finery...

They are so cute I could just eat them up.

    For our 3rd anniversary we originally thought we were going to go on a 2-night getaway per usual, but then we started toying with the idea of a "stay-cation" and I'm so glad we did!  With the money we saved by not getting a motel, our eating out/shopping/movie was basically free.:)  And then I didn't have to pack up all my stuff and stress about forgetting stuff, etc.  If you're wanting to get away but really don't think your budget can afford it right now, I highly recommend a stay-cation.  Jocelyn was having fun over at Grandma's, and we were able to go out, sleep in, play Scrabble, catch a movie...basically anything we wanted.

   Morning of the anni we ate at this amazing little breakfast spot, The Broken Yolk Cafe.  I highly, highly recommend it.  Randy had a huge burrito with hashbrowns, and I had the "Slamwich" (which is basically a giant McGriddle only better) with home fries.  Mmmmm, so delicious.

   Then we walked around an antique mall, which I of course, was deliriously thrilled with.  I found two chairs for our sitting room and so I was quite tickled.  All in all, it's been a great week so far and looking up the rest of the way because I'm pretty tickled to tell you all to.....tune in tomorrow for another guest blogger!  I am so excited to introduce this lovely lady to you all.  It is impossible to visit her blog and leave the same...I have been so blessed by her spirit. Trust me, you won't want to miss it!

Have a good night, folks.


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  1. great idea on the stay-cation! theres lots of places just here at home that i'd like to go to,just not w/ kiddos. our anniversary is coming up next month,we may just have to celebrate it at home:)


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