April showers brought May flowers.

3:15 PM

   How about this WEATHER we've been having lately?!!  I feel so torn.  Part of me just wants to exclaim about it and jump up and down with joy, and act like a giddy, little school-girl what with all the sunshine, balmy temperatures and cool breezes we've been enjoying lately.

   The other part of me wants to pout and throw a royal tantrum that it took over a third of the new year to arrive.  With only 2/3 left of 2012, and knowing that at least half of that will probably be cold and rainy again, I get a little desperate and panicky. 

   But really, when I complain about the weather, I'm complaining about God's handiwork.  I guess that could go for most of life circumstances, huh?  Hence, I'm trying not to complain.  And just be thankful that it's FINALLY here. 

   So that's the main reason I haven't been posting lately.  I've been too busy enjoying Randy's grilling, eating on the deck, sunning myself with a magazine, bike riding, walking, and any other activity I can think of that will get me outside. 

   The other main reason I haven't been posting is because lately I have felt Lazy with a capital "L".  My poor husband has been enduring a new game called, "Let's see how many days I can squeak by without cooking" and also one called "How long can I go without cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry and we still have clothes to wear and can see ourselves in the bathroom mirror?"  Fun, fun times I tell you.
   But I am proud to say that today has been a productive day so far, with a bike ride, lunch that I actually made, laundry, and my room and bathroom are delightfully clean.  I give all credit to the morning nap I was able to take *cue Halleluiah chorus* because of Shelby being home and offering to watch Jocelyn for a while. 

   I must admit, this little Firecracker is wearing me out.  Jocelyn was my little snuggle bunny, all content to curl up in my womb and relax.  (A little TOO relaxed, as she came 3 days late!)  This one is a different character.  She tumbles and turns, flails and kicks, tosses and flips until I'm completely worn out, and that's when I'm sitting down!  I wonder what I'm in for with this one...I'm afraid she may have a little too much of her mother in her....In any case I hope it means she wants to get a jump-start on life, and comes early!!  MAN would that be nice.

    Sorry for the fuzzy picture, and also sorry that I put all of these on facebook before my blog, and so it gets a little repetitive...that's the only way I've figured out so far how to get pictures from my phone onto my blog!  Pathetic, I know. 

   At 35 weeks, I'm much more ready to be done than I remember feeling with Jocelyn, although it may be my memory just isn't serving me correctly.  I feel bigger, clumsier, more tired, and over-all just more PREGNANT.  I catch myself thinking, (as I have probably thought 1,000 times by now) how did my mom do this 7 times?!  SEVEN? Was she invincible? Crazy? Both? 

   In all honesty, I am so grateful to my mom (and Randy's mom) for going through pregnancy so many times.  It makes for big family get-togethers, the best holidays, lots of cousins/grandkids, people to play games with, talk to, make memories with, and is over-all just a lot of fun.  I want the same thing for my daughters, but I'm not sure yet how many times I want to experience the life of an oompa-loompa, so we'll see which one wins out. ;)

   Hope all of you are having a splendid Tuesday!  I'm off to a Mother/Daughter dinner tonight and may actually break out my camera! *Gasp*

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  1. Hey Lovely. You are one heck of a sexygorgeouslovely mama. Just saying.

    Love to you!

  2. Hey Lady! I totally feel the same way! I am 29 weeks, but feel like I should be 39. I am so exhausted, and have been putting off laundry, cleaning and cooking, it is terrible. Do you think it is because of the "littles" we are chasing around?!! I could go for a serious energy boost! You however look great! Happy 35 weeks!!

  3. Soooo felt the same way with my second. I really don't think I forgot how it felt, but could be. But, 5 days on this side of labor/delivery, adjusting to second baby is so much smoother than first, even with a two year old. Hope your second labor is quick and *easy* as labor can be!


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