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8:48 AM

   This day is off to a good start, with devotions with my man, and eggs on toast and chammomile tea in my belly.  I am going to try and get a post written quick before Jocelyn wakes up. 

   I have figured out some sort of reason and rhyme to my lack of posts lately.  When I run into trouble loading pictures, or can't figure something out technologically, it just completely stymies me, and I avoid posting for a while.  I hate the way it makes me feel utterly helpless and useless.  Why doesn't anyone offer a technology class for stay-at-home-moms? Online? While their child is napping? *sigh*

   Another area in which I've felt completely stumped/mystified lately is sewing.  I can't ever seem to get things to turn out right.  Is it too much to ask to want to simply re-cover my pillows?! I tried this one recently to no avail:

   And I'm sure as far as sewing goes, that's like learning to scratch your head and blink your eyes at the same time.  But it just didn't work!  I desperately want to make things for my girls, as I love and cherish handmade things from someone, but I just don't know how to get there.  Any tips?  Suggestions?  Do you just really have to waste precious time and energy and resources until you get better?  Who wants to do that? I only like to do things I'm good at! (wink)

  In other news, I am just loving this girl more and more each day.  Every time I think she's stolen my heart completely, I realize that I'm still falling.  Like the way she has recently formed a fierce attachment to her "jammies" and would love to wear them all day, every day if I let her.  I know that 263,374 other kids do this, but I'm really enjoying watching her follow in their footsteps.

  Tousled little bed-head and a hint of a tan on her velvet skin that tells me summer is slowly but surely arriving.
   The way she finds her belly button, and pats my belly saying "Baby" over and over while giving it big, sloppy kisses.
   The way she can be so "busy" in her kitchen.  Sometimes it's more serious than just playing.  Like she's really hard at work in there.  It just makes me so excited for the day we will bake bread, pies and cookies together.  Considering by then I have gathered up my nerve to try and bake a pie.

   Well I hear her stirring, so I should probably wrap this up. We've been goinggoinggoing lately, and so the plans for today are to stay home, and hopefully get a little cleaning/laundry/organization done.  Hope you all have a lovely Thursday.  Keep your chin up, it's practically the weekend!

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  1. Smucker's theorem: You have to make a hundred mistakes before you enjoy sewing.

  2. I'd suggest buying a simple pattern, and some cheap fabric from goodwill or walmart. That really set me off for my purse-making ( You Tube has helped a lot, too, if you can search specific skills you want to learn. Above all, don't give up! Good luck!


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