Babes in Toyland. Or at least the backyard.

12:43 PM

   Babies are popping up all over it seems, both in real life and blogland.  But here I am with 8 days to go, still waiting for my little lady.  I guess it's for the best, as I still have yet to decide on a middle name.:)

   I over-did it yesterday.  Walked for miles (at least I think so) at garage sales in Eugene, pushing a stroller, dragging all the goods along with me, and wrestling furniture into the car.   Then I went home and set to work organizing the laundry room, picking up around the house and doing more heavy lifting.  I always pay for it later, not sure why I don't ever seem to learn.

   Woke up today with quite a few places hurting, so I ended up staying home from church.  I don't like missing church.  It is my double-shot, my java jolt, the pick-me-up to kick-start my week...but I think it was for the best.  I was able to actually drink a latte (start to finish!!) have a long, uninterrupted devotions, and now I'm catching up on my blog.  It truly has been a relaxing morning, and for that I'm grateful.

  Jocelyn had a play date with some of her little friends from church the other day and I actually remembered to take my camera. Gasp.  Faint.  I know, shocking.  It makes me wonder why I don't take my camera with me everywhere I go.  It was so fun capturing a few shots of the little darlings. 

 Mr. Blue Eyes. (Since I still can't ever keep the twins apart and am not going to risk taking a guess.:)
 Anna Lee
 Jocelyn just slayed me in her new little summer outfit.  Cherries? Gingham?  Who could resist?

 Bobbi Jo
 Lacey and Cindy helping with the sailboat craft.
 Chloe loved the playhouse.
 So did these two cuties!
 Brother wasn't about to let him have all the fun and comes knocking.
    Seriously, they are just all too cute for their own good. 

   Unfortunately, a few doubts will often try to hedge in on the joy of mothering.  It seems they crop up even more often, the closer I get to delivering a new baby.  The main doubts always being, "Did we have a baby too soon? Did we get to enjoy married life alone long enough? Did we have children too close together? Are we going in over our heads here?!" 

   When those little black rain clouds come, I get out my umbrella and think of the delight of having children with your friends.  It really is so special to be sharing this stage of life with so many of our friends.  Not only is it loads of fun for the children, but for us it is such a sense of support, community and encouragement.  I couldn't begin to recount all the pieces of advice, wisdom and uplifting words I have received from my friends who are wonderful wives/mothers.  It is like a little hug from God, each time we get together and speak into each others lives.

    And that's when a ray of sunshine breaks through those little black rainclouds, and once again I find myself grateful, privileged, and humbled to be exactly where I am in life.  Who am I to question His timing?  Who am I to doubt His goodness?  

He knows what we need.

He knows when we need it.

God is good.

ALL the time.

Thank-you, Jesus.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post! Those clouds are normal Shelly. I hear them all the time working with wonderful moms and you are a wonderful mom as well. The Lord had this planned out all along and He knows best! May you feel His love and presence stronger today! Excited for the new little one to come!


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