Sometimes life...

8:27 PM

...doesn't go quite like planned. 

   Like when you drive to Winco and have a cart full of groceries before you realize that the only form of payment that you have whatsoever on your person is a credit card. (They only take check, cash or debit)

   Or when you try to make bread dough and it doesn't rise, so you try to salvage it into breadsticks, and it turns out even worse.

   Or when the baby in your womb is so active and so wild and crazy you somehow delude yourself into thinking that this time, it is definitely coming early (in spite of your track record with your first child, or your sister's/mom's experiences) and, well, it doesn't. 

   Frankly, I shouldn't be posting right now.  It will come out all moody and depressed, and we all know how fun those blogs are to read.  And I really don't even feel like talking about pregnancy, or due dates, or contractions, or any other cuss words that really get me down these days.  So let's see, what else have we been up to?

   Making headbands for the girlies...

Spending time with friends,

Walking, walking, and more walking,

"Celebrating" my due date at the ball park,

Enjoying some grocery shopping with the having them here.

Picking 98 lbs of strawberries and making jelly and strawberry pies,
   And desperately searching for encouragement in any shape or form I can find.  In this case, Jocelyn's Lulla-Bible.

    I know what some of you are thinking.  "It's not that bad, is it?  What's the big deal about going a few days overdue?  Every day gets you closer!  Isn't it exciting? Your little baby will be keeping you up at nights soon enough, so why not enjoy the sleep you can get right now?  Stay busy, plan fun stuff, try not to think about it!" 

  And I really don't have much to say to those people, because for one thing, I would bet quite a sum of money that none of them have ever experienced going past their due date.  And trust me, I know that delivering a baby months early is infinitely worse than going a few days late, so I am trying to keep that in perspective.  It is a blessing to carry full-term.  

  But what people forget, is that most women tend to start feeling "DONE" at about...oh, 7 months or so.  And if you're not extremely careful, and you let your hopes peak that the baby may come early, then you get into the "could be any day now!" mode at about week 38.  So by week 40, when that due date rolls around and passes you by, it doesn't feel like 1, 2, 3, or 4 days overdue.  It feels like 14 days overdue. 

   Hope you all are having a much more productive weekend than me.

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  1. I can't help but smile at the heading in the Lulla-Bible. :)
    Have a great weekend, girl...I'll be praying for ya!

  2. I can so identify with the walking, walking, and more walking part. I was so sure things would start if I just walked a little more...was just in my basement yesterday and saw the treadmill. I spent so much time on it during my pregnancy and haven't touched it since; made me a little nostalgic! Not wanting to be pregnant again, just brot back so many memories, especially of that last week, and being 4 days overdue. Thinking of you. Being overdue is one of the hardest things ever.

  3. Just wanted to take a second and encourage you alittle. =) I have no magic, solve-it-all words, just that I have been where you are, and you're right, it kinda SUCKS! lol Every day of over-due-ness feels like 1 entire week, and after a while you feel like parking yourself firmly in the most comfortable corner of the couch and vowing to the world that you shall not budge until that baby is literally coming out! Mt thoughts are with you as you endure to the finish line!! And here's to hoping that you will not find out what it's like to go 3 weeks over!!!! =)


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