Fall cravings.

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    Not craving fall, in case you were confused, but style cravings for the fall season, which is inevitably coming.  Don't get me wrong, I love fall, I truly do.  But I'm just not done with summer yet.  Ach, well.  I guess fall being around the corner is better than winter breathing down our necks! So I will try to not complain.

   I was stubbornly trying not to think about fall yet, even with the September page (eeek!) fluttering dangerously close to turning on my calendar, and a certain tell-tale crispness in the air.  I was determined to remain in denial that fall was coming, until I started seeing all these "fall fashion" posts on people's blogs.  Well, if there's one thing I love about summer ending and fall beginning, it's the fashion change that cooler weather brings.  Layers, knits, scarves, boots...it's always exciting to dig things out of your closet to wear again, and perhaps buy new things to wear. ;)

   This year I'm feeling like my fall wardrobe needs a major overhaul.  I don't know if it's because I just had a baby or that I'm turning 27 soon and starting to feel old, or if my clothing is just tired and boring.  I choose option D: all of the above.  So just for fun, I will interview myself on some fall fashion. 

"What are some items you already have but want to add more to?"  For one, patterned tights.  I have been a tights-girl for a lonnnng time now.  And I don't know, maybe it's a school-girl trend I need to get over, but for some reason I just keep coming back around to tights.   Also, some gold jewelry.  Gold just seems so warm and cozy and perfect for fall.

  "What are some trends you are loving right now, and would go completely overboard on if you let yourself?"  Chevron, stripes, and maxi-anything.  Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, I would fill my closet with all of those trends if I didn't physically restrain myself from doing so.

 "What fall item have you been searching for for a long time, but never found one you loved enough to invest in?"  Sigh, a quality blazer.  But I can never find one I'm crazy about.  I'm probably too picky.  But the one below may make me finally take the plunge!  The jacket on the right is just an awesome jacket.  That I probably don't need. :p

   "What is an example of a trend that surprised you? As in, you didn't expect to love it but now you do?"  LEATHER.  I can't get enough of it, and what I love most is that it's so subtle.  None of this 80's-bad-leather-that's-practically-screaming-at-you-stuff, but soft-spoken, feminine leather that lends just a bit of edge to something that would be otherwise ordinary.  Love it.

  More trends that took me by surprise, peplum and those collars, I forget what they're called.  I haven't found anything in it that I just love, but I love the way they look on other people! Oh and how cool is it that Kate Middleton is a princess and she shares her clothes with her sister?! Love her even more.

 "What's one trend you love, but aren't sure if you will ever try?"  Floral pants.  Love it, just not sure if I'd ever do it. :)

  "What new footwear are you hoping to add to your closet?"  Ankle boots and moccasins!!! Too many exclamation points there? Sorry.

   "Last but not least, what are some looks you're loving for fall?"  Mixtures of patterns and layers, flowy skirts with dark tights, vests, scarves, boots....o.k. so my fall style hasn't changed in years...working on it!

  What are you loving for fall?  I'd love to see/hear! Leave some love in the comments folks, we all can use a little help in the clothing department.:)

P.S. I'm horrible at linking sources, so I tried to link at least the Ruche, Zara, and Downeast pictures I used.  Those have a little "source" tag.  But all other pictures are from the wide world of Pinterest, so just find them on my Pinterest boards, if you would like to track down where they are all from.  I still haven't figured out if it's copyright infringement or not to share pictures from Pinterest...just not sure how all that works.  If someone knows, let me know! Don't want to make anyone angry.:) Oh and if some of the pics are not on my boards and you're trying to find it, let me know.  I realized that I didn't pin all of them, and may have just copied on to the blog.  Hope that's not all too confusing.:)

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  1. I for one totally agree on the blazer. I've been looking for a long time and I think I am just not willing to spend the $$ on a quality one that fits good. Also I want to a good pair of jeans to my fall wardrobe and a new pair of boots. I so love my boots. The ankle boots are darling.

  2. hahaha...I LOVE that you just interviewed yourself! Best ever! So last year I bought a blazer that I love at H&M and I don't feel like it was too spendy. And I think those collars are peter pan collars? I pretty much love all the things you mentioned...tights, boots, maxi anything, plus I LOVE scarves and statement necklaces and layering bracelets and pendant necklaces and skinny belts. And cardigans. I love taking things I've had for years and adding a trendy and cheap accessory (thank you Forever 21) to make it look new. Fall is the best for that and Pinterest gives the best inspiration!

  3. so....tall boots, sweaters....these are my fall favs! Love your ideas. You're so creative and adventurous! Love seeing what you come up with each time you post! By the way, where do you get the info on Kate Middleton? She's such a classy dresser, by the way! And yeah, sharing clothes with a sister is amazingly awesome! I do it ALL THE TIME. Like having a second wardrobe (minus the $$).
    Allison B


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