Tea at two.

11:15 PM

    Well I guess it didn't technically start at two o'clock, but that's not what I meant anyway.  It was tea at two months old, for Charlotte.  Cheesy I know.  But sometimes my post titles all run together and it starts to feel like I never say anything new so, there you have it. 

    It was Rita's famous tea, so of course everything was sheer delight.  Each ticket goes for a pretty penny at the benefit auction for Gospel Echoes, so not only is it relaxing and enjoyable, it supports a good cause.  Win-win.  (Although I was invited by my dear mom-in-law, so it wasn't my pretty pennies purchasing the ticket, just wanted to clear that up.)

   She read from a book by Patsy Clairmont that had such wonderful things to say about "having tea" but I can't seem to find any of that online, and I don't remember exactly what she said and it's already late, so I'm afraid I won't be able to share any of that.  The gist of it was, "tea time" is such a lovely escape from the hectic, fast-paced blur of our lives, and it should happen more often.  I whole-heartedly agree.
   Sometimes I think we're too busy to hear from God.  I mean honestly, how are we supposed to hear a still, small voice when we're burrowing through heaps of laundry and slapping peanut butter and jelly on bread and tripping our way out the door, 9 minutes late, carrying two babies, a diaper bag and approximately 17 other items?  Oh wait, was that just me I described?

   I think there's a lot we could learn from "tea time" and the way they did things "back when".   In this day and age of Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and everything else....things start to just feel too slow.  We try harder and harder to match our lives to the whirl of the world that the Internet has allowed to be at our very doorstep, when really, what are we all rushing around so crazy for?  What are we trying to prove?

  I think we'd all be a lot better off if we just slowed down, took a deep breath, and poured ourselves a cup of tea.  And invited someone to join us.  And then maybe invited God to join us.

  Of course that's easier said than done, but I think it wouldn't hurt anything to try.  And tomorrow is a new day, even if you've failed today.  God is always waiting for us, always ready for that pause in our rush, to hear our voice call out to Him. 

   It was Charlotte's first tea, so I had to document the occasion, of course.  I will also take this opportunity to have this post double as her 2-month update, because let's just face it, if I don't now, it won't happen until....well, she's not 2 months old anymore.  And I haven't started a baby book yet, so I've got to at least write some of this stuff on here, so for the rainy day when I DO get up the gumption to start, I can page back through my blog and find this info.  Anyway, I'm rambling.

    Charlotte Lydia is just a smidgen over two months old, and weighs in at a whopping 11.4.  Weighed her today, actually.  She's finally bigger than some of my mom's/sister's babies. :)

  She is a good baby and an excellent nurser, and is starting to smile SO much and even coo.  Although you wouldn't be able to tell that from these pictures.  She was very sleepy at the tea, and pretty much slept through the entire thing, except for a feeding.  She takes a bottle and pacifier well, and Jocelyn didn't, so I'm very thankful for that.

    She is starting to look more "Graber", but I still see so much of her daddy in her.  She has a little dusting of red hair, and so we will have to see if my predictions hold true.  I am just certain she will be a red-head, even though now it's a little brown still.  Her eyes are just as blue as the day she was born.  Little window panes right into the sky, just like her Daddy's. 

  My love for her is growing with every day.  That sounds cliche, I know, but it's true.  I had heard people talk about that, but didn't know quite what that felt like.  You see with Jocelyn I felt this wave of love sweep over me, the very first moment I saw her.  It was almost overwhelming.  It was all-consuming.  I remember reading books to her when she was still an infant and sobbing in my intense emotion.  It was so real, so raw.  I remember talking to another young mom about that and hearing that her experience was different.  It just wasn't as much "love at first sight" as it was a journey, and every step lead her closer to her son. 

I just didn't understand. 

   It was so potent, so tangible with Jocelyn, I had no reason to doubt that it would be just the same way again.  But sometimes it IS different.  And I'm learning that's o.k. 

   At first it worried me a little.  Was I too exhausted to expend the emotional and physical energy to give her the love she needed?  Was it "too soon" and I wasn't ready?  What was wrong?  But now I realize that it wasn't any of those thing.  Charlotte and I just have a different story.  And this slow, steady, almost catch-you-by-surprise feeling is just as incredible as the crashing-waves-upon-the-shore feeling.   It's different, sure, but just as lovely.

  Dearest Charlotte,
 My darling daughter.  Jocelyn made me a mama, but you made me a mama to sisters.  What adventures we will have!  I just can't wait to experience so much of life with you.  Did you know that there is very little that you can't do if you set your mind to it?  It's true!  Dream big.  Set your standards high.  I know that God has such big plans for you.  
   You change a little more each day.  Anxious and eager, even in the womb, you stretched and kicked and rolled about, ready to take on this big world.  But this big world has its challenges.  Don't be in too much of a hurry, life will happen faster than you think.  
   You are such a treasure.  You put up with so much already.  Pulling, pinching and tousling from your big sister.  Lack of attention at times from a busy mama.  But know that we love you so much.  We are so glad you made us a family of 4.  I have given Jocelyn the best gift I could ever give....a baby sister just as sweet as sugar.

Love you so,

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  1. I discovered your blog a few months ago, and have very much enjoyed reading it ... one of the reasons being I just had my second child, a girl, born on June 15th. So I can relate to a lot of what you are experiencing. It was interesting to me to hear the differences between how you bonded with each baby. You put it into words so well. For me it was the opposite. With my first child, a son, the bonding was a journey, made a bit slower by time in the NICU, a move, and the stress of being a new mom. It was the "sweeter every day" kind of bonding. With my second, a daughter, the bonding was instant, perhaps I thought because my son had already prepared my heart for motherhood? I don't know ... I love both my children so much, and I love being a mom, and the way it stretches your heart wide open with more love than you ever thought possible.

  2. Thanks Shelly for sharing your heart. I loved the blog and the tea pictures as well. It has been a rough day telling my daughter Danae goodbye as she drove herself to college with her car packed full of her belongings. Yesterday it was taking Briana my baby to the airport to go 14 hours away to college with her two stuffed full suitcases and a carry on that has made her shoulder hurt from the weight. Briana too was going to college and probably won't see her until before Christmas. Girls! What a blessing they have been since they have come into this world 19 and 20 years ago. Yes, I could identify with the wave of love experience and the day by day increasing love experience. It's all good!! Each is different but wonderfully created and made.

  3. Girls are so special, I am blessed to still have one at home, and knowing Amanda will some day experience the special blessings of raising a girl is wonderful also, Tea parties are sweet also and sweeter still when you can share them with your daughters/ mothers :)


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