One and a half.

5:23 PM

   Technically, she's 20 months old.  But this busy mama can barely keep up with Charlotte's monthly posts, much less any for Jocelyn, so cut me some slack.  I wasn't planning on doing any monthly posts past 1 yr old, but I did want to do a 1 1/2 yr old update.  She's just changed sooooo much since turning one year old, and there are so many things I don't want to ever forget. 

   And here she is, with an update on the new developments in the busy life of a one-and-a-half year old.

   Hi everyone, Jocelyn here!  I am a little over one and a half which means I will be two next and when I'm two that means I can go in the big girl potty and not ever wear diapers anymore.  At least that's what mommy thinks.  I'm not so sure yet.  
  I finally learned the word for those dark spots on mommy's skin.  "Mole."  I like to say "mole" and point to all of them while she's holding me, especially the one on her chin.  Sometimes I do it to other people when they're holding me and then Mommy gets a little embarrassed.  I'm not sure why, I'm sure they know that they have them.

    Mommy went to town and brought home baby Charlotte and so now I'm a big sister.  I like to give her kisses and help mommy burp her back and put blankets on her, and sometimes I like to bite her.  She's soft and squishy and cries a lot, even sometimes when Mommy's holding her.  I don't cry much at all now that I am a big girl and almost two.

   Sometimes I get a little jealous of Mommy because she is with baby sister a lot.  Baby sister drinks only milk, and I eat food with a fork and spoon and so I don't need Mommy as much.  But she still takes me on walks and we splash in the pool and we go to the backyard to pick berries and zucchini and tomatoes. Berries are my favorite.  Also, cucumbers with ranch are my favorite.

  I like berries and veggies more than peanut butter and jelly.  Peanut butter makes your mouth stick together and also smells funny and I don't know why people like it.


    Mommy likes taking lots of pictures.  And playing with her computer. And kissing Daddy.  I like wrapping my baby dolls. And carrying a purse on my shoulder like mommy. And talking on the phone.  Sometimes mommy talks on the phone a long time and then says bye-bye at the end, and so sometimes I say it for her and she's surprised, although I'm not sure why.  That's just what you say.  I also like kissing Daddy.
  One of my favorite things to do is swing on the swing at Grandma's house.  I would swing on it all day if they would only let me.  I want one at my house so bad.  Maybe I'll get one for my 2nd birthday.  But that is a long time to wait, also it will be cold then and I'm not sure if I'll want to swing outside.

     When I was little I crawled, but now that I'm big I walk and run. I like playing with my friends at church and also my cousins. I am still very scared of animals.  That's all for now! This is Jocelyn Kate, signing off.

Dearest Jocelyn,
    Right now, "sunshine" is the word that comes to mind when I think of you, my oldest daughter.  Because like that burning globe that tans your skin brown and grows the tomatoes in our garden, you are warm, bright, and life-giving.  Everything right now is so awe-inspiring to you, and you (as I read in a book recently) try to take the world in one bite.   I just love this stage of your life.  So new, so impressionable, so breath-takingly fresh.  I hardly want it to end.
    I only have a handful of summers with you.  It will just be a blink, a whisper, and then you'll be gone, off to have adventures of your very own.  But for now, I will scoop you up after your nap, with your cheeks all flushed and your hair all curly with sweat, and I will breathe you in.  I kiss your tears away after you trip on the steps, getting some of your first skinned knees ever.  There will probably be many more to come, if you're anything like your mama.
   This summer I watched some birds build a nest outside my kitchen window.  First they were only two, giddy and in love, trying to scout out the perfect place for a home.  Then suddenly one day, there were eggs.  In wasn't long until those eggs transformed into a bunch of little heads on scrawny necks, bobbing and crying for food.  Then, they were feathered birds, as big as their mama and itching to fly.  They took a few hops to the edge of their nest, and then they were gone.  It all happened so fast.

Take your time, little bird, take your time.


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  1. you have one gorgeous little girl, Shelley! Love the pictures :) she's getting so big. I admire your strength and determination and honesty in raising your little family...Janine

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  3. Shell, I have some tears streaming down my face after reading that last li'l said it so well. :) Love you. Was SO good to see you again and spend some time catching up.


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