11:08 PM

   Just a little peek into our lives lately....There are things about my girls right now that I desperately don't want to miss or forget.

    Like the way Charli blows little spit bubbles in a way that's sort of like talking and giggling at the same time, and sucks on the two middle fingers of her hand.

  Or this one's wild hair after bath time. 

    Or how she says "Cheese! Cheese!"  over and over which is her way of begging to take pictures with my camera. 
    Or how she never seems to mind going to bed.  Even seems to enjoy it.  Asks for her milk and her baby and of course has to have her story, but really truly acts like she looks forward to going to bed.  And I just want it to last forever.
    Then there are the things that are maybe not so rose-colored about them right now...or particularly Big Sister who gets a little rough with the little one at times....squishing and biting and sitting on her and such. 
    ButI know that deep down, she truly, absolutely, loves her baby sister.

    I found this little vintage piano at Goodwill that actually makes the most pleasant little tunes unlike most of the obnoxious electronic toys these days, and I just love hearing her plink away at it. 

    Sometimes this is as good as a picture of Charlotte gets, as if I put her down anywhere, Jocelyn is bound to launch herself on top of her.  So the old "hold-out-the-camera-for-an-awkward-self-portrait" has to do. 

  We all occasionally need little reminders like a chalkboard telling us that this, THIS is the day the Lord has made.  Let's rejoice, and be glad in it. 

   Jocelyn makes herself comfortable at mommy's desk.  Probably dreaming of one day posting on a blog of her very own. 

   Must run, it's late, sorry I didn't write much, I had a full day of potty training, accidents, banana bread, corn chowder and laundry, and my brain is not at its best.  So that's all for now.

Goodnight one and all.

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  1. LOVED this peek into your life. The girls are adorable, but what I really really liked was the glimpse of your home. It looks so cozy and welcoming. I struggle with making my house look like a home. I am such a minimalist when it comes to decorating. Sometimes that's not all bad, but I at least want it to look warm. happy weekend!


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