One month shy of a half a year.

10:49 PM

  Baby Charlotte is 5 months old today.  She is starting to sit up, sort of.  If I prop her up in the chair and position her legs right and stay close by, she will sit there, wobbling for a few moments while I take pictures.  Sort-of sitting up.  I can't believe it. 

    You always hear that they grow up faster every time, and although my experience is limited to two, so far it has proven itself to be true.  My goodness, I can hardly believe she will be 6 months old next month. 

    She is starting to get more and more interested in toys, reaching and grabbing and of course tasting everything.  She is very interested in food as well, and becomes desperately curious and puppy-dog-eyed whenever we start to eat something.   It feels so mean withholding food, but then she hasn't tasted any yet, so she doesn't really know what she's missing. 

    She got her pretty dress from her Grandma Smucker.  I just wish I had started wearing it earlier, as she will be too big before long!  Amazing how fast she grows.  She is also working on some teeth, or at least it seems so.  Haven't seen any quite yet, but she is drooling and gnawing on things, and generally a bit more fussy than usual.  But could you tell that from these charming photos?  Didn't think so.

    She has also started giggling!  Finally.  Been waiting for that one for a while.  The key is kissing and tickling her neck.  And there is just not anything quite like that sound. 


   All in all, we are so delighted to have known her these past 5 months.  I would be lying if I said there were no moments of frustration, exhaustion, or discouragement during the past 5 months, but then she turns on the charm with her baby blues and show-stopping smile, and all of that fades away.  Of course I always feel terribly guilty for those moments of frustration after they happen, and for not drinking in these moments like I should be.  And for forgetting to cherish these fleeting days while I have them.  But it's hard to enjoy every moment when you're up for another middle-of-the-night feeding, or rocking her and bouncing her, trying to get her to fall asleep for the upteenth time. 

   But hard work and all, it is so worth it.  More than I can even describe.  I am grateful for the gift of this personality, this little lady, this precious soul, given to us for teaching, training, raising and loving.  What a responsibility.  What a treasure. 

   It's been a wonderful 5 months Charli-babes, I hope to be blessed enough to experience many, many more.
   Love, Mama.

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  1. She's adorable. Isn't it amazing how you think when you have your first one, that a baby couldn't be more perfect. And then you have your second and there are so many differences, and you again think that they couldn't be more perfect and wouldn't want them any other way.

  2. shelley these pictures are so great! I am in love with the first one especially but love them all. You did a beautiful job!!!!!!!!! She has beautiful eyes! I can't believe how big she is getting. wow! I miss holding her in church :)

  3. thanks from cyberspace for all your great posts! I come here for encouragement :) Cutest baby EVER

  4. Hi Shelley,
    Just had a question about how your potty training with Jocelyn is going. I remember you said you were putting her in panties at night, too. Is it working? The reason I ask is because my 3 yr old does good during the day but often wakes up wet...and I'm wondering if its because I've been using pull ups on her. I guess I wonder if it's actually a "learned skill" or something that will just happen when it happens, with there being no difference in panties or pull ups! I know every child will be completely different, but I really wondered if your "go big or go home" approach works,as girlie #2 is 6 months old already and will be at that stage before i know it. Thanks!!!


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