Farewell for now.

8:43 AM

Dearest readers,

    I will be taking a break from blogging.  I will return after the holidays are past, and the new year is upon us.

   There are a few different reasons for the break...maintenance and re-design, and just needing some time to re-focus and frankly, take a break and regain my love for blogging.  But perhaps the most influential reason was this:  It was brought to my attention that something I wrote about was offensive to some.   This has been weighing heavily on my heart ever since I heard, and I cannot emphasize enough how that was never my intention. 

  This blog is a place for sharing my experiences and glimpses into my life, and hopefully, an inspiration or encouragement to any who will see it as that.  It is my sincerest hope that it never comes across as judgmental, condescending or critical in any way.  That is the risk/reward balancing act of a blog.  If I never took risks on this blog or in "real life" for that matter, I would probably never offend anyone.  But then I would probably never be able to offer encouragement in unexpected places either. 

   In my flesh, I am frustrated and I want to get defensive.  I want to say, "But that's not what I meant!"  and I want to link the post, and list a bunch of explanations, rationalizations, etc.etc. I think I want to do this, because it would make me feel justified somehow, and maybe I would even get some feedback supporting me, and then I could feel even better. 

   But I'm not going to, because that's really not the point  here.  The point is, someone was hurt.  And that is something that I honestly never intended to do with that post.  So regardless of what/who was misunderstood, the fact still stands that hurt was caused.  And for that, I am truly, deeply sorry. 

   I will miss it this next month.  This blog is so much more than a blog to me.  It is a voice.  It is a means of connection and communication with others going through a similar phase and time in life, and ones who have gone through it all before me too.  But I think the break will be good in a lot of ways. 

   You are all cherished.  Readers, you have spoken life into me when I needed it the most.  You have sent me lifelines in the raging sea when I was sure I was drowning all alone.  My life has been enriched in countless ways because of you.  For that, I thank-you.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a very, Happy New Year.


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  1. I will so miss you on here. It's one of my very favorite blogs, and I don't even know you! So thanks for everything you have written, and I will look forward to your return. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I will miss you too...glad to hear that you will be back! --Jolene

  3. I will miss reading. I don't know you, but your blog has been an encouragement to me. I love your style of writing, and enjoy the pictures of your darling girls. Hope you'll be back soon. -Elaine

  4. yes, i miss your blog. It gives me one more thing to look forward to the New Year! :) sorry about the hurtful things that have been said bout your blog. your blog is an enourmous encouragement to me, especially being in similar shoes as you are in motherhood, etc.. trust me, i like your voice. your writings. probably the only negative thing for me, is that it makes me struggle with jealousy(wishing i could write and express like you do). :) Hope the break is good for you and can't wait to have you back. - Vanessa

  5. I, too, LOVE your blog!!!!

    And now, I have a question: I love your new blog design and I'd love to hear a few tips on how you did it. My email address is rejoicinginhislove@gmail.com.

    Allison B

  6. I thought of you when I read this...http://lifeintheparsonage.blogspot.com/2012/12/good-bye-hello.html


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