And a chuckle for Wednesday.

9:28 PM

  Today we visited the beautiful Albany public library for story time, and a good time was had by all.  The elderly gentleman that read the stories was expressive, imaginative and a child at heart, and you could tell he really, truly, loved his job.  He put on a puppet show that had the kids in fits of giggles most of the time, and afterwards we played in the play area.

   So the day started out great, but sort of went downhill from there.  After a combination of one little girl's potty-accident, and then facing the rain and carseats and shopping carts and long lines and exasperatingly slow check-out ladies, I was ready to call it a day at 1:45.  Thankfully, we made it home with groceries in tow, and I probably will avoid all shopping whatsoever for a month or two, and then I'll be good to go again.

   There was a bright spot in the day though! (Other than the library)  I stopped at Dutch Bros. to get both my fill of caffeine and try and add a redeeming quality to the day, and the guy must have noticed how frazzled this poor mom of two was, because he gave me TWO stamps on my Dutch Bros card, and when I handed him the money $.50 short, he said it was good.

  Sometimes I feel God hugging me in the simplest little details of my day.

    So if you found yourself in "one of those days" today, here's a little Pinteresting humor for ya to liven things up a bit.

The first and last ones are just way too true.  The third one is SO my husband and I.  And the fourth one is guys impersonating the "ring shot" that brides and bridesmaids always do.  Hahaha.

Hope it brought a smile to your day. 

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