Something to fold laundry to.

9:11 PM

   Today is Monday.  I would blog about what we did around here, but that would pretty much be laundry, so I'll spare you that raucous excitement.  Instead, I will share a few links of some things that have been inspiring me lately on the world wide web and just maybe, if you're stuck matching socks late into the evening, you can check out some of these blogs as well. 

  I guess I AM pretty awe-inspiring and influential, but didn't realize just HOW much until one of my favorite blogs copied me...just kidding, they don't know I exist.  But they did blog about juicing!  A what a darling little post it was.  Little tow-headed Hayes always slays me with those baby blues.  Check it out over here.

   Which reminded me of yet another excellent reason to juice that I had forgot to mention at all....picky eaters!  If you're battling your kiddos on fruits and veggies, juicing is a great way to get it into them.  Ironically, Jocelyn hasn't been crazy about the juice concoctions I've tried so far, but she loves to eat her fruits and veggies, so it hasn't really been an issue.  Anyway, Small Fry is made up of several moms, but the one in the pictures above has two boys the same ages apart as my girls, so I have had so much fun in following this blog and her own personal blog to see what they are up to.  It's

   Another blog post I thoroughly enjoyed recently was this one.  There is something so beautiful and inspiring about this family serving God in Atlanta that makes me want to pick up and move somewhere like, yesterday.  I haven't kept up very consistently with that blog so I can't tell you a lot about them, but I stumbled upon it again recently and was so inspired, I had to share. 

And then there's always this lovely lady's blog, which never ceases to entertain and amuse.  And the other day when she shared this quote, something just really resonated within me......

   I have seen this quote before, but usually just sort of breezed over it like, "Well sure, that's nice, but is it realistic? Nope. At least not for me."  But this time I feel different about it.  I feel empowered, like this IS possible if I want it enough and if I just give it a try.  This time, I am determined to implement it into my house, and my life.  Period.

   Well, I think that's enough for now.  Do you have any blog favorites or links to share with me on this laundry-Monday?  Please and thank-you.  And good night.

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  1. You linked me?? Oh man, BEST DAY EVER!!!

    I was reading your post thinking it was nice that someone posted that quote too, because it really is a great one, and then what do you know, the link was me. Love it!

    I'm excited to read that juicing link you gave. We have a power juicer that I love but I've never tried specific recipes. Christian is a VERY picky eater so I do get to trick him into getting some veggies by giving him juice. :) I love being tricky.

  2. Did you know the living-in-atlanta lady co-wrote a book for brides with her sister? You've gotta read if you haven't already! will give you info about it, and is a lovely blog itself. =)

  3. I am ridiculously honored to find a picture and link to my blog on {your} blog!!! I was catching up on posts and thinking, "I NEED to comment and let her know how much I love her blog." Then I read this, and nearly fell over. Thank you. :) And now I'm also thinking to myself, "Please, please, please figure out a way to post more often." I know you used to struggle with that, but you're making it work now. What have you done to make posting happen?


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