Anniversary getaway.

2:04 PM

So I've been thinking....

   And I suppose my posts lately have been a little glum.  So I want to give a disclaimer.  Not in the sense that "I didn't really mean the things I said" way because I did, and not in the "I shouldn't have said them" way because I think I should have.   I don't think it's ever right or beneficial to only ever write about the bubbles and fireflies, and not the nitty-gritty of life.


   My whole purpose of this blog, this creative outlet, this avenue of venting I guess, is to in some way uplift, encourage, inspire, etc.   So if to any extent my posts lately have been detracting that from your lives, I'm sorry.  If not, great!  Than just skip this disclaimer because you and I are on the same page, and I assume you have a sense of humor. 

Moving on....this is a story about the city of Portland, and why you should go there. 

   Reason #1.  You get to walk the streets and stumble upon all kinds of interesting things like their lovely Farmer's Market.  They sell lots of fresh produce, leafy greens and gluten-free baked goods and it all makes you feel oh-so-very earthy and hip just by walking past.  See? Hand-churned?  What did I tell you.

   (The above picture to the right is for anyone who thinks our current society is all about dressing seductively and immodestly.  I assure you, there is modest fashion in abundance these days that can be found almost anywhere you look.  I won't branch off onto that, because that is an entire blog post in itself....but isn't it just so refreshing to see?) 

   Reason #2.  There is a Starbucks on practically every corner, and that is only a slight exaggeration.  We took full advantage of that over the weekend and saw probably 3 or 4 different ones before we left.  Note to java-drinking parents everywhere...if you are anywhere near a coffee shop without your kids and you DON'T take advantage of that opportunity, a little fairie dies.

    My favorite Starbucks though, was probably this one, with all glass walls and in the middle of the square, and you could just sit, talk, and people-watch to your heart's content.  And there's no one I'd rather talk and people-watch with, than this guy.  And we saw all kinds of interesting things.  A real-live adult Batman showed up, zooming up and down the sidewalks apparently on a mission of some kind to save the world.  And then there was the cop who seemed to be just walking around and around the same block, while coming into the Starbucks several times.  Did he like a barista?  Was there a convicted felon inside?  Was he sitting next to us? Oh, the intrigue.   The only downside to the lovely establishment?  No bathroom. But it's all glass walls, can you blame them?

   Reason #3.  The shopping!  How lucky am I that I landed a man who doesn't mind a little shopping every now and then?  Pretty lucky I'd say.  And the shopping in Portland is great, so it doesn't get much better than that. 

  We walked, we shopped, we ate, we browsed, and we got our fill of adult conversation in a time of our lives when there are two littles ones demanding quite a bit of attention.  It was the perfect, not-to-far-away getaway celebrating 4 years of being hitched, and I absolutely loved it.  We often go to the coast for these little trips, and although I always love the coast, we have a coast trip with friends (Yay!!) planned for next month, and so we decided to do something different this time around.  Did I mention I loved it?  And you would too.  So go there sometime.  The End. 

   (Typical blurry, self-timer shot that doesn't turn out but is the only one of the whole time of the two of you together so......)
   I am so thankful to be married to someone who prioritizes quality time together.  I feel like I have said that about 264 times on this blog, and I will probably continue to say it until the day I die.  It's just true, and I hope I never take it for granted.  At a time in our lives when it probably would be easiest to "just stay home", he still makes an effort for us to be able to get away every now and does all the planning and lining up babysitting and other things that I am pretty lousy at.  What a guy. 
Thanks babe for another weekend I'll never forget. Here's to many more.
  P.S. I am also thankful for grandparents who babysit their grandbabies.  What would we do without you??

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  1. makes me wanna go to portland :) but I guess that was the point, right?
    -Jessica K


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