Summer daze.

11:01 PM

   We bloggers are at a disadvantage over here on the West coast.  By the time our kids are in bed and we've had a chance to sit down and have our bowl of cookie dough ice cream to fuel our typing skills, the rest of the world is asleep.  Whereas if you live on the East coast, you can be pulling a late-nighter and post around midnight, and the night's just gettin' started out here at 9:00. 


   Today was grand.  Randy  told me when we got up that is was going to be hot one, he heard it on the radio.  He was on his way to come at get me, and to meet him at the end of our drive.....told me to grab my shades and my string bikini and my Coppertone 45. 

Just kidding.

  Those are lyrics to a country song.  But he DID say it was going to be hot today, and so of course that meant I loaded up the girlies and headed to the river for a little fun in the sun.  Jessi, Maddi and Jada came with us, which enhanced the experience.  We got a workout juggling our kids and gear down to the river and back again, the babies tried to eat rocks, Maddi was active and imaginative, Jocelyn was worried about being dirty, and it was a lovely morning. 

   This is what summer is for.  For spending carefree days in the sun, water and beautiful outdoors with friends and family.  No frantic rushing around, just taking time to connect, say hello, or interact whether it's a backyard BBQ, cup of coffee, or splashing around in the river.

   Sumer is also for reuniting with old friends, as I was lucky enough to do a few weeks ago! This already feels like it happened SO long ago, but like I said, I'm STILL playing catch-up on my blog so please bear with me.  I was honored/privileged/greatly blessed to get to meet up with Beka Fox, an old friend from school.

A. She's not old
B. She didn't go to my school

   But rather, we were rivals.  That's right, singing, volleyball, ACE convention COMPETITORS.  So why are we friends?  Um, how could you NOT love this lady?!  First of all, she has the coolest last name in the universe.  I mean, come on.  The potential is limitless....she could go by "Foxy lady" for one thing.  And all those adorable fox prints/stuffed animals/decor everywhere?  You have the PERFECT excuse to buy them all.  Secondly, she is just genuine.  Real.  Transparent.  True.  She is ready and willing to give a compliment, a word of encouragement and just a virtual hug for your heart if you need it.  Honestly, I always feel a little bit...undeserving of it all.  But that is just Beka.  You cannot be around her long without catching her contagious spirit and zest for life, and love for people.  No wonder God has called her to adopt!  Her heart is big enough for it.

   She is mother to 3 little sweethearts, and you can read all about her lovely family and church and marriage and adoption story over here on her blog.

My Charlotte and her Eva. 

   We met at the hotel she was staying in while visiting Eugene, and then went to a nearby park to let the kids play.  It was at this same park that the strangest thing happened....I noticed from a distance that a boy seemed to be patting Jocelyn on the face, but then I saw that she was crying really hard and so I ran over there and he was smearing dirt all over her face!  It was in her eyes, hair and mouth and I was just furious.  I couldn't believe it.  I whipped my head around wildly with my eyes peeled back in a fierce Mama-bear glare, and no one stepped forward, so I guess I'll never know what I might have said if she had.  STILL.  My feathers get all ruffled all over again when I remember it. 

   SUCH a contrast from the warm fellowship I got to experience that day.  I guess in some small way, my heart breaks a little bit for that boy.  Because already, at such a young age, he feels the needs to hurt others to leave his mark on this world.  And that to me is so tragic.  And so by extension, I feel very badly for that mama too, wherever she may be.  All in all, it was so wonderful reconnecting with Beka and getting to hear about all that's going on her life these days.  It felt like a shot in the arm of encouragement and I left feeling so inspired, encouraged and refreshed.  And isn't that just what the body of Christ is SUPPOSED to do?  To lift one another up, and help each other to our feet when we fall down?  I think it just might be. 

   So here's to summer.  To friends, new or old, and to drinking up every last ray of sunshine we are lucky enough to get.


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