Tiny, little update.

7:00 PM

Does anyone still read this thing? 

   I mean, I can't imagine why anyone would read a blog which never has anything new to read.  It is sad, really.  Blogging is such a joy and a passion of mine, and somehow I have built this life in which there remains no room for blogging anymore.  Should I quit?  Should I just bury this memory of writing into the chasm of html and .coms and the void of black empty space where all other sites and blogs and xangas go to die? 

   I don't know.  Maybe I'll take up something entirely new in life.  Like rock climbing.  Or quilting.  Or gardening.  I'll let you know how those work out for me.  In the meantime, I guess I'll bring you briefly up-to-date on some of the goings-on in my life these days.

      We have been living in a motel in Thunder Bay, Canada for the past 8 days on a mission trip with the youth from our church, Fairview Mennonite.  We have been working on the church up here, doing projects like new windows and painting and cement and such.  I won't lie, it hasn't been easy.  Driving all of the way from Oregon to Canada with two babes and trying to fit their routines of naps and bedtimes and baths around everything else going on.  It has stretched me, in a good way.  It has taught me that I am a little more dependent on comfort and routine than I'd like to admit.  And when I remember how God chose to come to this earth...the accommodations He chose for His one and only Son to be born in....it starts to make things like naptimes and separate rooms and schedules and routines all start to seem pretty silly.

   I can be so self-centered.  I like to think that I am growing, that I am learning, and that I am becoming less so, both with age and becoming a mother.  I hope that I will "arrive" one day to the point at which I am not so self-aware anymore, and I can just get lost in whatever it is that Jesus wants from my life.  Hopefully some day, I will be there.  Until then, I suppose I will enjoy the "refiner's fire" in my life, and the careful molding, shaping and carving that sometimes takes place.  We leave for home tomorrow, and will probably arrive back in Oregon sometime Thursday.  Pray for us as we travel again, and pray for a certain mama to not sweat the small stuff.


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  1. I read it! Curious how you are going home? If you are heading west through the states you will be really close to us...if you need a place to stop for the night or something we would be happy to have you here!

  2. Thank you for taking care of our Kids :) we appreciate all the work you all are committing God bless you!

  3. Wow! We just came through 9 days of mission trip w/ our youth group and I cannot imagine doing it w/ 2 littles. I could hardly stand to leave my 4 at home. Bless you a WHOLE BUNCH as you lead and love and do all those other things that youth leaders do. I get it, oh, I do.:)


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