10 things I would tell Kate Middleton.

6:50 AM

So we've all heard the happy news...


  Our beloved William and Kate have a brand-new baby boy.  Does the fairytale get any more perfect than that?  I so badly wish I could sit down with new-mom Kate over a cup of tea and share a few things.  And since my little royal Highnesses got me up at 5:00 am, I have time to list them for you. Here they are:

1.  Don't worry about the sagging, the stretching, and the strange, unexpected leaking.  Your body won't be a stranger to you forever.

2.  Soak up every sweet, innocent, magical, newborn moment that you possibly can.  Log them away and keep them on reserve for when he's 2 1/2. 

3.  USE FAMILY.  Don't be afraid to call upon Pippa, Mom, the Queen, even Prince Harry (if you're desperate) for a little help.  You guys deserve a break!

4.  Unfortunately, royal lungs holler just as loudly as regular ones. And the diapers don't smell any different either.

5. Sleep deprivation will make you feel like you've become an entirely different person who is completely foreign to who you once were.  You will wonder if you will ever be the same again.  You will.

6.  Don't worry about being the "It Mom" or setting global trends in motherhood, etc.  You are already an icon, and you achieved that status by being just the way you are. 

7.  God has placed this child in your home for this time, this season, and a specific purpose. Repeat that to yourself 10x whenever you wonder why you ever procreated in the first place.

8.  When you feel like you just can't do it just remember, you already are.

9.  Being in the spotlight, you might be tempted to worry that we're all watching and waiting for you to mess up....well, just stop worrying because we're all just trying to figure it out for ourselves.

10.  And most importantly, the days are L-O-N-G, but the years are short.

Best wishes to you both.

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