Birthdays and dentists.

4:18 PM

'Tis the birthday season.

Both of our babies were born in baby booms, and Charlotte's birth was followed shortly after by a few of her friends', Grayson, Jada and Erin.  Grayson's birthday was darling, complete with a "world traveler" theme as his parents have already taken him so many places, and he has his very own passport.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone devour a cake quite like he did!  He is such a sweet boy.
   Next came Jada's, and of course her lovely mama (sis-in-law Jessi) did a fabulous job of decorating with pinwheels and banners and bright colors, and the food was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for the next two parties, so I just have  a few pictures off of my phone.

   It was a hot one, and the little girls cooled off in the pool a bit.  I would have liked to join them but didn't think that would be quite appropriate. 

   Jada tore into her cake too, and at this point I'm starting to wonder if maybe my kids just don't get the whole "we-know-we-don't-usually-give-you-entire-pieces-of-cake-loaded-with-frosting-but-now-we-are-because-it's-your-birthday-so-dig-in" concept.  Which has always seemed like a strange concept in the first place, so I can't really blame them.  It is SO fun to see babies who actually enjoy diving in, though.  Jada is walking too, and is such an energetic, charismatic little sweetie.  I think she and her big sis will be a lot alike, and we're so lucky to be part of their family!

    Little Erin's was next, and alas, I didn't get to stay long at this one.  Randy couldn't make it this time, and the girls had hardly napped and so one was a grouch and the other kept falling apart because there was a puppy there.  *sigh*  Needless to say, I just didn't put up much of a fight and went home early. But it was still a lovely party! Jen had decorated so beautifully, and we all sat in the shade of a lovely willow tree and the cake was so good. Erin, also, tore into her cupcake, and was darling as always. I thought it was SO special how Jen skyped her family so they could be in on some of the festivities and it made me want to try something like that for our next one! 

  I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  I feel so blessed to be having babies at the same time as so many of our friends!  It gives such a feeling of support as we're "all in this together" and can lend a helping hand, or a word of advice, or a shoulder to cry on. :)  At my daughters' first birthday parties I always feel this great sense of relief, as if the world is all sighing along with me, "We MADE it."  And in a way, we have.  One, whole, blissful year of beautiful memories and splendid survival.  WHEW.

    But there will be no partying for me tomorrow as I am getting my wisdom teeth out. When I was in Thailand some of my friends got theirs out and I thought they were crazy and now I desperately wish I had!  It would have been at a fraction of the cost and all behind me.  Oh well.  You can all pray for me, if you happen to think of me.  I am not exaggerating or being dramatic when I say that I would rather have to be giving birth tomorrow.  I think it's because labor is something I already know I can handle.  Plus, I'm doing the surgery without anesthesia.  Call me crazy but it just seemed a LOT of extra money for ease of mind.  So, we're going to tackle this thing head-on. I guess if I can give birth naturally this really shouldn't be that much harder, right?  Although at the end of birth you have a sweet baby and at the end of this I just have chipmunk cheeks and a couple of holes in my jaw.....Ug.

Anyway, tomorrow it will be all over and I will be. So. Grateful.

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  1. I did it without anesthesia. It's really not that bad. Because they numb the whole area. it took them a long time to do mine though because they were so deep, and they really had to yank on them. It will be fine. It's a little painful afterwards, but a wonderful excuse to eat icecream. Now getting your tonsils removed as an adult that is a different story entirely ;-) --Donna

  2. haha! i love your analogy between birth and getting your wisdom teeth out. SO FUNNY! but seriously, you poor girl. I'll be praying.


  3. Boo for wisdom teeth!! I still have mine in, if you can believe it. But I did get 4 teeth taken out before I had braces, and I remember sitting there waiting for them to be finished pulling them but apparently they had pulled them and I hadn't even noticed. It was kind of funny. So I hope it's that easy for you!

  4. Shelley you will do fine, i had mine taken out a week or two before my wedding, i think i only had one day off work, since your closer to 30 you might have to take 2 days off. Do what they tell you to avoid dry sockets, & NO drinking out of STRAWS. Mom

  5. Love a cutely styled party, looks fun. Hope the wisdom teeth didn't treat you too badly

  6. Don't worry Shelley...its not nearly as big of a deal as everyone makes it! (getting wisdom teeth out)
    I had mine out two years ago, without anesthesia, and one of mine was severely well-rooted in (my dentist had an awful time getting it out-he dug around forever)
    and within 20 minutes of getting home I was canning salsa with my sista. =)
    I'm not saying it doesn't hurt at all, but it really isn't as bad as people say...
    Hope it goes (or rather, went!) well for you!
    Love the frequent posts lately, btw! =)


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