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   I am starting up a new little series of sorts on this blog.  I won't put a day to it, like "Motherhood Monday"  or "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" "or 5-minute Friday" because the second I label a series with a day, I immediately forget to actually stick with it on that particular day, and so then I become embarrassed to even do it anymore and the idea dies, withers and fades away.  So with that in mind, I will NOT assign a particular day of the week to this series, because I really want to actual stick with it and do it.  So that will be part of the will never know when it is scheduled to appear next, or who it might be about.  See, isn't this fun?  I thought so.

  This series will be titled, "In the Spotlight" in which I will be showcasing different people individually and giving them their moment in the sun.  I think that we truly underestimate the power of learning from others, and this series is an attempt to utilize that a bit more.  I feel like at this point in my life I have so little time for reading, and that pains me, and so I suppose I will just have to tap into human resources more. Anyways, I have one to introduce to you today, another in the works, and the third in my brain, so this series will be at least three people long, (if everyone cooperates;)  but I'm hoping this will become a regular thing here at Frame of Mind. 

    Before all of that though, perhaps you've noticed things getting spruced up around here?!  That is all thanks to the lovely Nicole, who also happens to be whom I am spotlighting today.  I figured I may as well just have her do a blog post instead of linking her multiple times a week because she keeps writing things that inspire me. :)  

   She is an Iowa girl like me, and people that know her would tell you that she doesn't meet a stranger, is crazy about marriage and family, and has a special place in her heart for China and its orphans.  She is a dreamer, and is not afraid to reach for those dreams.  And obviously, she has been a source of inspiration to me.  And when she offered out of her generosity to re-do my blog site for me, I couldn't accept fast enough!  Talk about an area in which I do NOT excel, this whole techno, logical stuff.

   So as you can see, she changed the look of things for the better, as well as adding a profile for each of my family members on the left, and colored bars to link you to info about us, what we believe, contacting me, and Instagram and Pinterest.  Go check it out!  Also, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the links/tabs on the left, you will find one called, "Follow us on blog (heart)"  That will take you to bloglovin' where you can follow me.  With Google reader kaput these days, bloglovin' is the way to go and I promise you, it's not complicated to create a profile! If you can do Facebook, you can do this.  It makes it ridiculously easy to follow all of your favorite blogs, and have ONE PLACE to go to read them all.  Trust me, you will wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago. 

ANYWAY, without further ado (because we all know that was a whole lot of ado), here she is:

   Hello! My name is Nicole and I blog over at a little place called Today Is My Favorite.

In high school, I had a pretty good idea how my life would go.
   I would graduate, meet my dashing man, get married, have a cute baby, and then repeat the last step many times over. Of course this plan was suppose to be well underway by the time I was twenty-one; worse-case-scenario by twenty-two.

   Suddenly I was staring twenty-three down the throat and I was no further along in a love-life than my nine-year-old sister.  It was as though God was showing me what is meant to live out,
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD."  -Isaiah 55:8

   I spent my early twenties making trip after trip to summer camps for chinese orphans, living paycheck to paycheck and usually always broke at the end of the summer. I had my heart broken by unrequited love and spent many nights crying after hard conversations with my family back home.  It seemed that every time I turned around, my prayers were being answered by "no's" and I was pretty sure I would die an old maid.
   But as I sit here typing out these words; you can find my hunky, blonde husband is asleep in our bed and just a few feet away is our little Emmett, all swaddled up in his cradle.  It's in these moments that I thank God for every prayer He answered with "No".
   I'm thankful for the no's He said to the guys I thought were The One, because the waiting made the finding that much sweeter.
   I'm thankful for the seasons of brokenness with family members, because healing has made the relationship stronger.
   I'm thankful for the closed doors for jobs and trips and houses; because that's when His best was revealed.

   I'm thankful for the tears and the loneliness and the questions; because they created a desperation for Jesus.

   But most of all, I'm thankful that in the season of life when we thought we knew otherwise, God gave us the most amazing surprise of our little Emmett.  I call him my treasure boy because He is this incredible gift we didn't know we needed.  He has brought so much deep joy to our live and has shown us a small picture of how much God must love us as His children.

   To be honest, right now there are questions and prayers that I really want answers to.  I want a hurting, broken relationship to be healed.  I want to see the end of financial struggles. I want hope that our dreams can be fulfilled and knowledge that our lives are making a difference.  
But maybe that is the beauty of it all.  
   The quiet confidence that what doesn't make sense now, will someday be the material with which I fill my prayers of thanks with.

   Thanks Nicole!  What a beautiful, poignant note to end on.  And now ya'll can head on over here and show her some love.

    And thanks again friend, for all your hard work on my little space on the internet over here, and for being so willing and generous enough to bless others with your many talents!  It's such a beautiful thing when people can just be good at what they're good at, and use it to help others, rather than focus on things they can't do well. I have much to learn in that area.

   You are going to go far in this life, I just know it.  And as for that little E of yours...well, he's going to go far too.  How could he not with that darling face and two great parents teaching him about Jesus?  Blessings to you and your wonderful family.

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  1. Love this idea!!! I'm excited to meet some new people via your spotlighting. Thanks to Nicole for sharing a bit of her life story. Shelley has the coolest friends. :)

  2. Ahh Nicole has once again inspire me. I too am thankful for all the closed doors I've hit. The biggest example would be college applications: I was feeling like a failure when I received one rejection letter after another. Lo and behold, the college I ended up going to was the one where I found Jesus (and my husband, too, a pretty sweet bonus perk I'd say :P) It really is true that when God says no to us, there's something far better waiting for us when His Timing comes!
    Thanks for sharing, Shelley & Nicole! :)

  3. Lovely guest post by the equally lovely Nicole...and I'm anticipating the new "series" Shelley!

    Very good idea to not assign a day to it. That never goes well for me either. =(


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