Flavors from afar.

3:20 PM

I took a Moroccan cooking class once.

   For someone who doesn't love to cook, it was actually very interesting and fun, although I've only braved trying the couscous on my own once since then.  It was back in the beginning of July, and served a dual-purpose as a celebration of my sister's 30th.  For some reason, my older sister turning 30 makes me feel so old.  I mean, I remember playing dress up and catching frogs, and seeing who could stand on their head the longest from years past, so if the first 30 went this fast, does that mean the next 30 will go just as fast?  That's a little terrifying.

   But regardless of how I feel about aging, she wears 30 well.  She is a great wife and mom to 5 little ones, and works so hard and blesses so many.  I know that the next 30 years will be wonderful ones for her, and for her family.

    Our teacher was a jovial, fascinating, Muslim lady, and we sat around the table, inhaling the intoxicating scents of herbs and spices that were almost as rich and decadent as all the stories she told of her home country.  It made me want to travel so badly.  To walk the street markets, to sample the fresh-baked flat breads, to drag my fingers across the silks, woven rugs and textiles of a foreign place.  It made me itch to see the world.

  It also made me grateful for my home.  For we truly live in a beautiful, wonderful place, full of opportunity and freedom, even for women.  I'm so grateful to be married to a man who views me as an equal, and treats me with such respect.  I know I often take that so for granted, but I hope I never forget that in some places of the world, some wives are not so lucky.

   We all enjoyed a marvelous meal and good conversation and the most delectable cup of tea afterwards, that was probably the best I have ever had in my life.  If all tea tasted like that, I would be one converted coffee-lover. 
   Thanks Jane, for opening up your home and for being brave enough to step outside of the box and befriend someone with such a different life story.  I know she is blessed by your friendship, and we were blessed by the evening as well.

Now if I could just figure out how to cook like that again.

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  1. Thanks Shelley for the kind words. Another great post! You write so well! ~ Shannon


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