Ho Hey, Daily heiroglyphs.

8:47 PM

   It's time for another round of Instas.  It has been quite some time since I caught up on those!  And my-oh-my how much has happened since I did.  And so with no further ado, I give you an Instagramish peek into our lives as of late. 

   This was such an awesome date.  My frugal better half heard of a deal on the radio and scored FREE tickets to go hear Tony Bennett in the ampitheater in Eugene!  We packed a picnic and spread out our blanket and soaked up those old, classic love tunes and just fell in love all over again.  Cheesy?  Maybe, but it really was quite perfect.

   So as you can see, lots of summer fun and goodness such as boating, biking, blueberrying, and lounging in the sun and water, of course.  It actually appears from these pictures as if we've had a very relaxing and laid-back summer so far which of course couldn't be further from the truth, but hey, good memories. 

   As you can see in this last one, I am learning guitar. (!!!)  Well, I suppose I already knew the basic chords and could play simple songs and such before taking lessons, but I am just hoping to take it to a whole new level, a.k.a. become a SMIDGEN as good as my brother Shelby.  He is the one teaching me. And he is awesome. Here is a picture of him, in case you don't know who he is:

    What a handsome guy.  Jocelyn loves him like crazy and I'm fairly convinced she thinks he is part of our family.  Also, that he lives upstairs, always, even when he isn't there. Ha.  Anyway, he was so kind as to agree to teaching me some more difficult chords/strumming patterns/songs etc., and so basically we're going to be rockstars and start a band and tour the world and become rich and very famous.  Oh, and we will have a very folksy, indie sound, like these guys. 
That is all.

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  1. When a friend introduced "Ho Hey" to me, I listened to it 82 times in a row.

    Well, more like 6, but I could tolerate another 76 listens. :) The guitar chords of that song are SUPER EASY. If I could get Shelbs to play the ukulele, we'd be ready to hit the road.

  2. bahahahahaha! SHELLLS!!! i feel like it's been forever, and i'm so sorry because suddenly i got REALLY in the mood to have really bad grammar--which is weird cuz usually i'm pretty good about that. but anyway, i realized that i have gotten super far behind on blogs and i can't even pretend to have caught up, but i will say of the bits and pieces that i did read, i cried. i laughed. i missed you. :) so thanks for your amazing posts, esp. what you said about strange friends. i need to call you and let you know about my fairly big change coming up, in which i'm hoping to make some "strange" friends. :) don't freak out; it's not a major major move-across-the-country change. :) love you, lady and missing you!


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