Pool time, finally.

4:06 PM

   I know, I know.  EVERYONE and their neighbor's sister's cousin's best friend has been at the pool like 15x by now.  But would you believe that today was the first day we went to the pool this summer?! Ack. So, so sad. Our other "beat-the-heat" attempts have all been in the river or our backyard....

   But the truth is, I just haven't felt up to tackling the pool yet.  Jocelyn is a cautious soul, and true to herself, she clung to my leg for like the first hour or so.  Charlotte isn't quite so adventurous yet either, and so that resulted in a lot of holding, coddling, encouraging on my part as well.  These girls have a lot of someone in them, and I'm not sure yet who it is, but it for sure as shootin' ain't GRABER!

   Because of that, and the fact that they are still so small, and the fact that we've been crazy busy, have all added up to very little time whatsoever left over for the pool.  Which, if you know me, constitutes a nearly blasphemous excuse of a summer. But, late is better than never right?

   In spite of their hesitancy, I am happy to report that they did indeed start enjoying it.  They ventured down the slide a time or two, splashed in the fountains, and Jocelyn even seemed to enjoy going down the BIG slide with me, but that was probably due to the fact that I got a horrible start and we went so slow that we practically got stuck.  THAT was awkward. 

I took my camera along, and of course it stayed out in the car, so here is just one from my phone. 

   As you can see, sitting on a towel eating snacks in the shade is still as popular as ever.  It was so fun to be there with my sis-in-law Jessi and her two little cuties, and hopefully we will get a chance to go again. 

   And would you believe that you don't actually need a towel to go to the pool with two small children?  No?  Well, I wouldn't have either, but this super-prepared mama forgot to take one, and we all did just perfectly fine.  (notice in the above photo we are all sitting on someone else's towel....)

   Anyway, I'm hoping we get to go again.  Maybe even multiple times, before the rain decides to descend on us like an old enemy with a grudge and the energy to keep it, and sticks around for a long, long time.  And hopefully by that time, my girls will summon up some small, long-forgotten trace of Graber in their DNA and frolic in, out, and around the pool with wild, reckless abandon. 

I'll let you know how that works out for us.

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  1. We have a swimming pool less than 20 feet from the front door of our apartment, and I have not been even once this summer! oh the shame! looks & sounds like a fun day you guys had! :)


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