The sweetest corn.

4:00 AM

   Sweet corn sure doesn't last long around here.  And while Oregon corn is very sweet and tasty and perfectly fine, you just can't beat good old fashioned Iowa corn.

   So what should my dear sweet mom and dad happen to mail us the other day?  That's right, a big ragamuffin box of Iowa corn.  Those poor ears were plucked from the comfort of their garden rows, stuffed into a box and tossed, bumped and jostled all the waywaywayway out West, where they found themselves in a boiling pot on my stove.  There was enough for Shannon and I and our families to enjoy, and enjoy we did.

   Where are Jocelyn's clothes, you ask?  Well it's a perfectly reasonable explanation.  She spilled her water and didn't like the feeling of her wet clothes much, and so of course the logical solution would be to strip down to your birthday suit to finish your supper, right?  

That's what I thought.

   Thanks Grandma and Grandpa G for the wonderful, can't-be-beat, Iowa corn!  We scarfed it down and thought of you with nearly every juicy bite.  Wish we could be back there to feel that wet blanket of humidity, hear the corn grow, and watch the fireflies sparkle like diamonds across the lawn.  I truly miss so many things about that dear little Midwestern spot on earth, namely all of you.  

Love you, from all of us.

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  1. Sweet corn is one of the key reasons why I love living in Nebraska. We literally have sweet corn every meal during the latter part of July. It's so good!

    I didn't know that sweet corn could be shipped. I'll have to remind my parents of that when I'm away at college. ;)


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