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8:28 PM

Blogtember day 3:   Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

   Of course.  This is just the type of question that would land on a day when I'm already brain-dead because of doing salsa All. Day. Long. 


   At least I didn't have to do it alone!  My lovely friend Nikki was there to help, and we tackled our salsa-for-the-year together, newbies as we were.  It was scary! Neither of us had tried it all on our own before, so we weren't quite sure how it was all going to go. We had a few mishaps, but soldiered on, and I am thinking it's all going to turn out rather nicely.   And it got rave reviews from Randy, so I'm thinking nothing else matters.

   O.k., back to the question.....I'm serious, these kinds of questions always stump me.  Best piece of advice you've ever heard?  What's your favorite quote? What's one thing you would tell a 15-year old you? What is your greatest fear?  O.k. so there's lots of questions that stump me.  All of those types of questions are the ones which upon being asked, your mind goes completely blank and then hours later you can't keep yourself from thinking of reams of data of pertinent answers to such questions, the only problem being it isn't needed anymore.  *Sigh*

So..........the only two things I could think of have to do with parenting.

 The first is, "Your job as a mother is to train, not to entertain."  I like to remind myself of that when they're asking for "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" until you feel like jumping off the bed into an open grave, or they're asking to play hide-n-seek when you are in the serious crunch-time, it's-now-or-never stage of dinner preparations.  So I guess that could be good parenting advice or it could just be a hall pass to lazy parenting?  We may never know.

   In all seriousness though, I love that saying because it reminds me that my primary objective is not that they have the best homemade fort on the block, or their mom reads bedtime stories in the funniest voices, or they always have new and shiny toys in every corner of their domain.  The important, THE most important thing, is that I (we) train them up in the way they should go.  That we model the love of Jesus to them so that one day, they want to say yes to Him, and show that love to the world.  Is there anything more important?  Anything at all?
   And the other one I know we've all heard a million times..........."The days are long but the years are short."  A bit cheesy, maybe, but I do feel like it truly, honestly depicts where I am at in this stage of parenthood right now.  The days are long.  Sometimes Long, and sometimes L-O-N-G.  But the years are short. So, screamingly, blindingly short.  It couldn't be any truer.

   So there you have it folks, my ground-breaking, history-making bits of advice.  Don't spend it all in one place, now.

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  1. haha!! this is why i love ya girl!!

  2. Great advice. I mean, any parenting advice that gives me a bit of a pass on playtime is great. ;)

    And all that salsa?! That's a LOT of salsa. What made you decide to do such a massive amount?


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