Life lately.

2:29 PM

   The blogtember  prompt for today is:  A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!

   I know JUST the thing for this post.  It's a little thing I've been wanting to do that I spotted from Sydney, but actually originated with Pip, over here.  It's the perfect way to say "what life has been lately" without having to write a post like, "yesterday, I did suchandsuch and the other day I saw soandso, because those just aren't as interesting.  And it's in list form!  We all know how much we love lists.

Life lately......

 Making : My house look like fall has arrived.
 Cooking : Baked goods and freezer meals for when guests arrive next week. Well, I'm planning to.
 Drinking : Pots of coffee as little Charli has decided to awaken in the night again these days.
 Reading: Beth Moore Bible study on James and a treasure entitled "Organized Simplicity."
 Wanting: An army green parka.
 Looking: For tickets to Florida this Christmas. 
 Playing: At the park, in the yard, in the garden...trying to make the most of the last dry days.
 Wasting: Time on worry.
 Sewing: A skirt from my mending pile. I can't believe I actually fixed something.
 Wishing: For a certain few relationships to be restored to what they once were.
 Enjoying:  Free babysitting on a Friday night from our church family.
 Waiting: For the season premiere of Parenthood.
 Liking: Naptime.
 Wondering: When Charlotte will decide to start walking.
 Loving: The gift of a new day.
 Hoping: For personal revival.
 Marveling: At the beauty of my girls.
 Needing: More sleep.
 Smelling: Candles, laundry detergent, soup.
 Wearing: A thick, cozy sweater.
 Following: My mind a little less, my heart a little more.
 Noticing: How much I need to accomplish in the next couple of months.
 Knowing: I have a Redeemer who loves me.
 Thinking: I am deeply flawed.
 Feeling: Relieved for friends from church who were overdue and had their babies. I feel their pain.
 Bookmarking: Does pinning count?  Fall fashion, family picture ideas, and home decor.
 Opening: More cans of pop than I should.
 Giggling: At Brian Regan.  Jim Gaffigan. And this pinterest board.
 Feeling:  So, so, so excited for what the future holds.

Some snap shots of "life lately".....


What have you been doing lately?  I'd love to hear.

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  1. love this list! I may just have to do this sometime soon!

  2. With ya on waiting for parenthood to start! So excited!!! And the worrying, why is it sometimes easier to think about all the bad instead of focusing on the good?! Love you're posts!-nikki h.

    1. Thanks for reading Nikki! And I don't know why worry comes easier to us, it is such a thief of joy!! If you figure out the secret to not doing that, please let me know.:) And isn't Parenthood just the best?

  3. Candles, soup and detergent = perfect combination

  4. Yay for the Parenthood club;) love that show! And I also loved this post. .. keep 'em coming! Xox-


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