DIY handprint turkeys.

1:54 PM

O.k., allow me to say two things before we get started here......

1. This is not a tutorial in any way, shape or form.  Tutorials are when someone is showing you how to do something that is actually somewhat difficult or at least complicated enough to warrant such a tutorial.  This is more like a "Hey we made a little craft the other day that a kindergartener could do blindfolded and handcuffed while playing hopscotch and we decided to show you."

2.  This was not staged.  I feel the need to say that, because in this age of DIY's, Pinterest and bloggers, it can begin to feel as if nothing we do is genuinely spontaneous anymore, it's just all in the name of "good material" for our blogs.  As that may occasionally be the case here at Frame of Mind (cough cough) this time, it was not.  I just decided to randomly do a craft, and a seasonal one at that! *Gasp*  Since that happens about twice a year, I took pictures to document this momentous occasion.  Also, the girls were matching because when sissy wears her jumper, Big sis always wants to wear hers.  So, that was also accidental.  But hey, makes for good pictures! So who's complaining.

Onward! DIY handprint turkeys. 

   Oh wait, another thing you should know, is that I am pretty much only into crafts if I happen to have everything already in my possession, and basically within arms reach.  The less it requires, the better.  You give me something to make out of toilet paper tubes and glue and I am ON it. At another time in my life, when I don't have littles and the thought of perusing the aisles of a craft store (or driving into town at all for that matter) doesn't fill my lazy bones with dread, then there will probably be no stopping me.  I will be the crafting queen.  But for now, feast your eyes on my twice-yearly, use-whatever-you-have-at-home, Martha Stewart-ness.

   For the handprints, I used this soft, foam-type paper. That's how crafty I am, I don't even know what it's called.
 Obviously the first step is to trace your little person's hand.  Or let them try to do it.  The latter option is more entertaining.

 Trace the hand, doodle on the's really your call.

 Use the pencil, eat the pencil....once again, there are no rules here.  It's all open for interpretation. 

 Jocelyn: "Sissy, stop eating pencils and let me wipe your nose. My, such a messy little thing. Where are your manners?  Just watch me and I'll show you how to do it."

 "There, that's better.  I declare, where would you be without your big sister?" 

 Cut out all the little handprints in varying, autumnal shades.  You can be as particular on the tracing and cutting as you want, or as not-particular-at-all as you want, like I was.

   Trace a pear shape onto something brown.  Construction paper, more foam paper, cloth, it doesn't really matter.  I used felt.  Then cut out little beak shapes and gobble-shapes.  I really have no idea what that part of the turkey is called. 

   Then glue it all together in whatever fashion you want, and you're done!  It would be ideal to have those little craft eyes to glue on, but like I said, I use what I have on hand and I didn't have any glue-on eyes.  So I drew them on little pieces of paper and glued them on. 

  Also, they would probably look better with more handprints, but I got tired of cutting.  Also, it would be neat to write things you are thankful for on the "feathers".  Use your imagination!  After all, this isn't a tutorial.;)

P.S. This craft was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest and lazily just did it without even clicking onto the tutorial.  But this DIY is way cooler! because they make the pear-shaped body out of overlapping two footprints.  Awwww.   And they attach a toilet paper tube to help it stand.  So obviously, I have a long ways to go in the crafting world.

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  1. The fact that you had foam paper and felt just lying around...craft master! ~jewel

    1. Hahhahahahahaha....craft master. I wish! You are sweet though.

  2. Cute! We did some turkey footprint crafts the other day. Check out my blog to see pictures. I laughed out loud while reading this! I usually search all over creation in my home, garage and office for supplies before we start a craft I refuse to go buy more!

    1. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I will have to come check out your blog now, thanks for stopping by!


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